False arguments

topThe spin is dizzying:

  • Unemployment is down, so Trump did no wrong.
  • Trump gave Ukraine more aid than Obama, so he did no wrong.
  • Trump is popular, so he did no wrong.
  • Ukraine eventually got the aid, so there was no quid pro quo.
  • Trump eventually met with Zelensky, so there was no quid pro quo.
  • Impeachment is only legitimate when the articles allege a specific crime.
  • Impeachment is only legitimate when both parties agree on the facts.
  • Removal of a president isn’t  legitimate in the year (or during some other period of time) before an election.
  • Removal of a president for cause negates the will of the voters.
  • Trumps actions can be explained in other ways, so the plain, clear, simple explanation can be ignored.
  • Removal would be divisive, blithe dismissal of the articles would not be.
  • Bolton and Trump disagree, so Bolton must be mistaken.
  • Bolton is writing a book, so there is no need to hear his testimony.
  • Concern over corruption is reasonable, so Trump’s concern over Biden’s alleged corruption was reasonable.
  • Ukrainian officials, eager not to offend the administration, deny they were bullied, so they weren’t.
  • Some officials say they saw nothing wrong, so those with the opposite opinion are wrong.
  • Trump was elected, so everything he has done is what the voters wanted.
  • Some Democrats disapprove of President Trump so all concerns are illegitimate.
  • Some Democrats have wanted Trump impeached since he was first elected, so he has done nothing to warrant impeachment.
  • Requests for information and testimony were flawed, so Trump has nothing to hide.
  • Trump hid relevant documents and blocked testimony in the public interest. He has nothing to hide.
  • The administration’s account of the perfect call was the transcript. The transcript is still hidden in the top secret vault.

Sherlock Holmes maintained that when every other alternative had been examined and discarded, what remained, however bizarre and incredible, must be the answer. Trump’s defenders have turned this on its head, arguing that we ought to discard the obvious and accept  what is bizarre, incredible, and convoluted as truth.


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4 Responses to False arguments

  1. josephurban says:

    The Republicans are searching for anything. Anything but the facts and evidence. Anything they can use to justify not convicting the criminal. They just don’t want to do their job.


  2. jiff3505 says:

    “Ignorance is strength”


  3. Athos says:

    I find it useful to occasionally jump out of the liberal bubble and wade, not deeply, into the right wing bubble.

    Among other items in TrumpWorld, today, 1/30/2020:

    Liberals are certain that coronavirus is Trump’s fault.

    Limbaugh: Coronavirus, Other Diseases Are All Coming from Leftist Communities, Not Conservative Ones —

    “Where are all of these deadly viruses coming from?” the host asked, according to the transcript on his official website. “Communist countries. This latest virus that’s got everybody scared to death, where is it coming from? The ChiComs. What’s happening in all of these homeless tent cities in California? Medieval diseases that had been eradicated are starting to crop up. Do not doubt me when I tell you that liberalism, left-wingism, socialism, communism, whatever, folks, it destroys. It is not compassion. It is not love. It is not wanting the best for everybody. It is not equality. It’s not sameness. It’s not fairness. It is the epitome of mean-spiritedness! Liberalism looks at people and sees failure, inability. Liberals look at people, average people in their eyes with contempt.”

    Should you care to take a look, a useful aggregation site is https://www.therighting.com/

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  4. josephurban says:

    pretty sad, isn’t it?


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