Early voting in NYS

punditLWVNYS Early Voting Survey Report

During New York State’s first ever early voting election period, the League of Women Voters of New York State conducted a survey to study voters’ experiences. Over a two-week period, the League collected 1,791 survey responses from voters residing in 54 counties throughout New York State. Survey responses were overwhelmingly positive.

• More than 93% of voters who responded stated that they would vote early again, 3% responded that they would consider voting early again, and only 1% stated that they would not vote early again.
• 96% of respondents said they found information about early voting easily with most (26%) stating that they found information about early voting from print media or by word of mouth (20%).
• 89% of respondents waited only 0 to 5 minutes to vote early, 10% waited between 5 and 15 minutes, and only 1% waited 15 minutes or more.
• Most counties utilized new voting equipment (electronic poll books and/or ballot on demand printers). Four counties did not use this new technology. Voters appreciated the modernized equipment and found that problems with
the electronic poll books and ballot on demand printers were resolved relatively quickly.
• 60% of respondents voted early because they wanted to try early voting, 28% said early voting worked better for their schedule, and 13% of respondents said they would have been unable to vote on Election Day.


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1 Response to Early voting in NYS

  1. Anonymous says:

    Did the survey include the overall costs to the counties for this early voting ?
    There has always been early voting available in NY State.
    On several occasions I had to travel out of state the Monday the day before elections or very early Tuesday morning on election day.
    I just drove to the board of elections and filled out an absentee ballot at the BOE office.
    Early voting !

    The cost is too prohibitive to low income upstate counties.


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