Does the GOP want Trump reelected?

new clothesPresident Trump is following through on his promise and standing up for American interests. I have no doubt that the disruptive policies of this administration will bring these countries (Mexico, Canada, and the European Union) to the table for a fair and negotiated outcome. —Rep. Tom Reed, May 31, 2018

Does the GOP want Trump reelected? Maybe not. They may be happy with him short-term, but he looks like a loser long-term. They may want to go back to being the Republican Party rather than a Trump Party with no future.

The GOP has achieved many of its goals already:

  • Obamacare weakened.
  • Many right-leaning judges confirmed.
  • Tax cuts for the rich.

They have set up the next administration for failure:

  • Tax cuts and debt limit due to expire.
  • Exploding budget deficit.
  • Impending recession.
  • Divisive immigration policy.
  • Unleashed racism.
  • Chaotic foreign policy.
  • Important departments understaffed.

The GOP might think it better sit back and watch the next administration flounder as face these problems themselves. Senators and Representatives might prefer to run against a Democratic Party record in 2024, than have to defend Trump’s record then.


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2 Responses to Does the GOP want Trump reelected?

  1. josephurban says:

    They NEED Trump to be elected again. That way they can continue to raid the US Treasury and prevent any action on climate change, consumer rights, fair wages, gun control, etc. It does not matter that the economy ends up in the toilet. Trump will just tell his folks that the economy is the best ever and they will believe him. Even after they lose their farms and can’t get food stamps. And Reed needs to make sure that we do not get Medicare for all as that would devastate his medical debt collection business.


  2. whungerford says:

    Even if Democrats controlled House, Senate, and the Presidency, we might not see remarkable progress on climate change, consumer rights, fair wages, or gun control. Experience with Obamacare shows how effective dogged resistance by a minority can be.

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