Love it or leave it

love it.pngDuring the Vietnam war, we were often urged to love it or leave it. If you didn’t have a flag pin in your lapel, if you had long hair, were a university student or graduate, or were suspected of voting for Democrats, you might be called a communist and told to move to the Soviet Union. I had hoped those days were gone.

I remember my boss at the time saying, while looking at me, that if any antiwar protester lay down in front of his car, he wouldn’t stop. I remember two women in the Northern Plains who were not long ago harassed for speaking Spanish at an interstate rest area.

I remember that my Grandparents were immigrants, that my spouse is a naturalized citizen. Few of us are native Americans.

Now President Trump has resurrected “love it or leave it;” shame on him.

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5 Responses to Love it or leave it

  1. Carol says:

    And shame on Congressman Tom Reed for not denouncing Trump’s vicious racist tweet.


  2. Gary says:

    I could not find any part of President Trumps tweet that pointed to racism.
    He never mentioned the race, color or religious beliefs of the people he tweeted about.
    President Trump actually said to go to their “home” country and make it better there then to come back here and show us how to make it better here.

    Could President Trump worded his tweet differently, sure, but it was not racist or sexist.


  3. whungerford says:

    This brief article made no mention of racism; thus Gary (Perry’s?) response is beside the point. His argument begs the question by redefining racist speech to require explicit mention of race or color.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I should have been more clear.
    My reply was in response to Carol’s reply.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Look at that !
    We both apologized for a misunderstanding and both admitted we should have been more clear in our comments.

    Why cant our elected politicians and ews media be as civil and admit they should have been more clear like we just did ?

    We may not agree on everything but we agree on enough to get along and both agree that although we may not always agree we can still agree to disagree.

    Thank you !


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