Two Network Neutrality Bills

Pelosi“CenturyLink serves on the board of USTelecom, which spent $42.13 million on lobbying from 2010 – 2017. USTelecom’s lobbying against net neutrality has attracted attention …” CenturyLink 2018 Annual Report (Tom Reed invested in Level 3 Communications, merged with CenturyLink)

Two bills were introduced in the House (116th Congress) to restore net neutrality. The bills are:

  • H.R.1096 – Promoting Internet Freedom and Innovation Act of 2019
  • H.R.1644 – Save the Internet Act of 2019

These bills have much in common:

  • Both offer to protect network neutrality
  • Both are partisan bills–H.R.1096 with 24 cosponsors, all Republicans; H.R.1644 passed by the House supported by Democrats.
  • Neither has a chance to become law during this session of Congress.

Network neutrality is favored by many but opposed by telecommunications industry giants. Both political parties claim to support neutrality. Democrats passed H.R.1644 in the House on a party line vote; it will not be considered by the Republican controlled Senate. House Republicans support H.R.1096; it will not be considered by the House. Since neither bill will become law, both must be considered political posturing. Read about both bills here.

Click to access van%20Schewick%202019%20H.R.1096%20v.%20H.R.1644.pdf

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4 Responses to Two Network Neutrality Bills

  1. whungerford says:

    Tom Reed’s April 13 e-mail:

    This week, the extremists in the Democrat party put a bill on the floor that would be CATASTROPHIC for people living in rural areas by requiring internet providers to comply with overburdensome regulations.

    The bill would block future innovation, such as 5G, and require Washington bureaucrats to approve new technology.

    We should be encouraging innovative technology to come to the forefront instead of hindering American ingenuity.

    To make matters worse, Democrats are trying to do this under a law written in 1934.

    We will continue to be your advocate in Washington to increase broadband access for those in rural NY.

    This is why we cosponsored the Promoting Internet Freedom and Innovation Act of 2019 which:

    • Promotes smart regulations which incentive internet innovation and investment.
    • Ensures the internet is never blocked or throttled.
    • Bans the paid prioritization of traffic by internet providers.


  2. Carol says:

    Tom Reed voted to end net neutrality and thus end consumer protections. Tom Reed takes donations from big ISPs. Tom Reed is a proponent of minimal government, and is cosponsoring that bill solely as a political ploy, knowing that it will go nowhere.

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  3. whungerford says:

    Is Tom Reed really a proponent of minimal government? Sometimes he says he is. Tom’s views depend on the party in power. During the last Administration he wanted to “rein in” the executive branch; now with a Republican President, he no longer mentions that. This is the Tom Reed who has no objection to militarism and the military budget so long as there is a Republican President, the same Tom Reed who wanted government to compensate property owners like himself for “losses” from environmental regulations. Tom Reed once opposed funding for a museum in Denver, but has no objection to a museum in Jamestown.


  4. Carol says:

    Yes. Good old boy Tom is a chameleon. Whatever benefits Tom is his stand.

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