Smart border technology

wallIf we build it, we will lose our security and our humanity.–Beto O’Rorke in El Paso

In an article which appeared in The Hill, the authors argue that “Democrats’ ‘smart border’ technology is not a ‘humane’ alternative to Trump’s wall.” The argument is persuasive, but more interesting observations are found at the end of the article. The authors note:

Based on these findings there is a need to reconsider the premise that surveillance technology and infrastructure can provide a “humane” alternative to Trump’s border wall (a proposal we also consider to be wasteful and destructive). Instead, we’d like to see a shift in U.S. border policy that genuinely prioritizes the protection of human life, regardless of a person’s citizenship or immigration status. 

This kind of shift, of course, would require reforms not just to the Border Patrol and its enforcement strategy, but to U.S. immigration policy overall, allowing people to seek safety or reunite with family and loved ones without risking their lives crossing through the desert. 

Democrats were pushed to define an alternative to a border wall to deflect charges that they were weak on “border security,” that they favored “open borders.” Better that the debate had turned to defining a humane immigration policy, a border policy that genuinely prioritizes the protection of human life, regardless of a person’s citizenship or immigration status.

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2 Responses to Smart border technology

  1. josephurban says:

    The border wall issue is intended to divert attention from Trump’s criminal activities with Putin and Russia.
    The history of the world is the history of human migration. No wall will stop that. When the first Irish showed up in the US they were not allowed to land in the Boston harbor, they had to go to NYC. Now, we think of Boston as an Irish city.
    The Chinese were “Shanghaied” from their homes to be worked to death building the transcontinental railroad. When they were no longer needed the US passed the Chinese Exclusion Act.
    Italians came. Poles came. Swedes came. You name it. They all came for economic reasons. Same as people today from Latin America, India, China,etc.
    The economic forces are well beyond any government to control. As long as people like Donald Trump are willing to hire illegal immigrants for low wages they will continue to arrive. The entire “immigration”issue is just a smokescreen. Look here! Don’t look at Mueller over there!

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  2. whungerford says:

    When suspected of many crimes and a myriad of lies, individual instances fade into insignificance.


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