If you lock your doors at night, a border wall is needed


Reading the news

Good ideas or rubbish?

  1. If you lock your doors at night, a border wall is needed.
  2. It was cold today, so climate change is a hoax.
  3. Tax cuts for the rich benefit all.
  4. The Federal Government is useless, so a shutdown of weeks, months or years doesn’t matter.
  5. Trump knows much about many things, more than anyone else.
  6. Hostility toward Iran makes it less likely that it will seek nuclear weapons.
  7. If a 5 billion dollar wall is a bad idea, a 2.5 billion dollar wall makes sense.
  8. Cutting taxes raises revenue.
  9. Guns don’t kill, so firearm regulations are unwarranted.
  10. Tariffs and trade war are good for the economy.
  11. Britain, France and Germany are unreliable allies, Russia and N. Korea not so much.
  12. The Mueller investigation has found nothing, so it should be terminated.
  13. Scandal is no problem if officials are implementing Trump’s policy.
  14. Administration lies are no big deal.
  15. The Press Secretary’s job is to repeat and justify President Trump’s falsehoods.
  16. America has regained the respect of the world.
  17. The Trump Administration is making America great again.



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3 Responses to If you lock your doors at night, a border wall is needed

  1. Norbrook says:

    I don’t know if I have a large enough dumpster for that rubbish. 🙂

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  2. whungerford says:

    Leonard Pitts, in a newspaper column, noted that 40% of us wouldn’t recognize many of these ideas as rubbish. Regarding #1 in the list, Scott Adams, in a Dilbert cartoon, suggests it’s silly to ask the boss for a raise since “trees don’t ask for raises, so why should you?” As for #8 in the list, an astonishing number of us have been willing to set reason aside and believe.

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  3. josephurban says:

    If people voted based on facts and logic we would certainly have a completely different set of “leaders”. People vote on emotion. Trump is able to tap the art of the brain that responds to fear. Nothing else matters.


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