Does election make one wise?

truthHistory has tried hard to teach us that we can’t have good government under politicians. Now, to go and stick one at the very head of the government couldn’t be wise.
— Mark Twain, New York Herald, 26 August 1876

Does election to political office make one knowledgeable and wise? Some politicians seem to think it does. For example, Donald Trump:

  • Says he is invariably the smartest person in the room.
  • Could learn all there is to know about nuclear weapons in a short while.
  • Has a superior knowledge of military science, trade, international relations, manufacturing, climate science, and more.
  • Is too intelligent to accept the views of experts on climate change.
  • Has blessed us with the most successful administration ever.
  • Relies on his gut rather than other’s brains

Do we believe it? I hope not.

Tom Reed, a country lawyer, now claims expertise in:

  • health care policy.
  • Agriculture, farming
  • manufacturing in which he has no education or experience.
  • international trade.
  • knows that professional economists are wrong; he knows better than they do.
  • tax law.
  • parliamentary rules.
  • and more.

Do we believe it? I hope not.

George W. Bush, believing he knew better than the generals, fired those who advised that war with Iraq would be difficult, and went with his gut. He was wrong. He believed that a surge in American soldiers would solve the remaining problems; again he was proved wrong.

We have a right to expect caution and wisdom of elected officials, but not necessarily expertise. That’s why Congress needs to hold hearings to learn the views of experts. Rather than imagine that they have requisite knowledge, they should listen to experts who do.

When politicians claim to know about something, ask what they have read, who they have consulted, why they think they know.


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3 Responses to Does election make one wise?

  1. josephurban says:

    Donald Trump is clever. He has managed to keep an approval rating of 40% and continues to use the GOP as his personal impeachment protection plan. Intelligence and clever are two different things. He is a city slicker conman who continues to con the rubes.

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  2. whungerford says:

    Congressional Republicans are so glad to have a Republican President that they will overlook almost everything. Trump and other Republicans are most popular among poorly educated male voters and voters in mostly rural districts. Why Trump holds their allegiance to the extent he does is unclear to me. Is there anything that would shake their faith, I wonder.

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  3. Barbara Griffin says:

    Well stated, and good question.


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