No Labels Action, Inc.

bribeNo Labels Action, Inc. is an “Unauthorized Super PAC, Independent Expenditures Only” It is not allowed to coordinate with a candidate, but this is an unenforceable restriction–the points in their mailings match Tom Reed’s advertising. Recent mailings claim:

  1. Bipartisan leadership
  2. Breaking gridlock
  3. Working across the aisle
  4. Fighting for jobs
  5. Fighting for mental health funding
  6. Working with Democrats to prohibit insider trading
  7. Worked with Democrats to save jobs at Dresser Rand

A high degree of coordination is evident.

According to Open Secrets, No Labels Action, Inc.  spends overwhelmingly on Republican candidates. Of the nearly four million dollars raised, about one million was from individual contributions. No Labels Action, Inc. doesn’t reveal their funding sources, but the FEC does record some contributions. Here are two from hedge fund executives:

No Labels Action is one of many PACs funding candidates with mystery money.

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1 Response to No Labels Action, Inc.

  1. minuteman62 says:

    All my life I have been proud to be an American! And I have basked in the glow of it’s Greatness! But recently I have watched my great nation turn upon it’s self. Like a Dog attacks it’s self going after a flea. I have watched as someone blamed immigrants and migrants for all the Nations Problems. (As his migrant wife took advantage of what he called Chain Migration )

    This person also has condoned the actions of basically kidnapping children and imprisoning families seeking asylum from war torn and crime riddled 3rd world nations ! I’ve seen Families torn apart daily many times.

    And don’t get me started about the constant race-baiting and White Supremacist issues that are a true stain on our Nation.

    People wake up angry everyday many not even knowing why! I have seen the constant stream of lies plastered at increasing rates as he throws out distractions and deflections to hide what Can only be proof of his duplicity And Treasonous Activities!

    Even worse and what troubles me more it the system put in place has failed America. They give proof That power can be corruptible. And that Absolute power to the corruptible will corrupt Absolutely!

    We have now in front of us what could be our one last chance to put a Check on this Madness. Our Nation can not afford to allow the Enablers of the corrupted government continue in office. Tom Reed is just such a person that has basically allowed such Madness continue. As he votes against the interest of his Constituents on a regular basis then attends mock Public service awards ceremonies Created by his major donors giving him credit for Job Creation (While in fact his district woefully had .9% job creation In light of the New York State Average of a full 2 %) Sorry but awards for under Performance don’t Impress me.

    Tom Reed also seems to be using False Labels through his NO LABELS Facebook Campaign Calling people extremist when in fact they are only inclusive. Our nation doesn’t need more name calling. And we don’t need negativity pitting neighbors against each other with (No Labels ) labels.

    Tracy Mitrano seems to understand that hate doesn’t make us great. She knows our Nation is at it’s greatest when we all see each other as Americans. Not as Democrats , Republicans or others.She doesn’t want to make life better and our nation prosperous for only the top 2-15% She knows for the US to do well all must prosper with a livable wage ! if people didn’t need to work 2-3 jobs to survive there would never be a Job Shortage no matter how many crossed the border to look for work!

    Tracy Mitrano also knows that Cyber Security is vital to our National Security . She just happens to specialize in that field. And she will help fill the obvious void in Congress in that field of our National Security.

    Another thing Tracy Mitrano also thinks people should be allowed to live and let live. She won’t be busting down your door . Or pointing fingers at you because of who of Legal Age you choose to love. She’s beyond the small minded judgments and insecurities exhibited by others.She also doesn’t Think Government should be telling people what they can and can’t do with their own bodies.

    It’s time for us all to decide weather would like to not wake up angry. If we want to not think of those across the aisle as the enemy anymore. I don’t Blame Republicans (Voters that is) I blame those in power that have fanned the flames of hate directly as well those that just let it burn rather than speak against it .

    I hope to see a change for the better in November for the NY 23rd.

    Mr Lincoln I know your Party has left you behind but the Patriots in your Party are welcome to help wake them up by voting with their fellow Americans. We are always Stronger when we are United ! United we will stand Divided we will surely fall

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