What a Democratic House would do

Kennedy quote

ask not.jpg… they will overturn everything that we’ve done and they will do it quickly and violently.–DJT

If President Trump is really worried, he might better relax–there is no way a Democratic majority in the House could  overturn much current legislation. With Democrats in charge, the House could play an important role in reestablishing good government. While it is unlikely that major new legislation could become law, the House could:

  • Improve or block harmful bills proposed by the President and passed by the Senate.
  • End efforts to further limit or defund affordable health care.
  • Investigate and propose legislation that might command enough bipartisan support to pass the Senate and be signed by the President.

Democrats could turn to moderate Republicans for a common effort to pass needed legislation supported by both parties as advocated by the late John McCain and even Tom Reed. While Democrats might be tempted to use the same harsh rules they have suffered under during the interval of Republican control, it is possible they might rise above that.

It is unlikely that current legislation, the 2018 tax law for example, could be repealed. Incremental improvements might be possible with bipartisan support.

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7 Responses to What a Democratic House would do

  1. Tom Zoidal says:

    And impeach should the time prove right.


  2. Rynstone says:

    A Democrat Controlled House would unfortunately spend all of their time working with the media to impeach President Donald Trump. Congresswoman Maxine Waters would be heading up the task!

    A good video of the entire Governor Cuomo / Cynthia Nixon debate that did not get much coverage in upstate NY.


  3. josephurban says:

    I don’t think a Dem House would impeach Trump unless Mueller came out with a very detailed, concise report clearly demonstrating corruption by Trump himself.
    It is more likely that a Dem House would actually do what Congress is designed , by the founding fathers, to do. Act as a check and balance on the Executive branch. this means that they would hold hearings to get at some of the facts about the following issues: corruption by Zinke, Pruitt and Price. The lack of enforcement of our environmental laws. An investigation into the possible violation of the emoluments clause by Donald, Jared and Ivanka. Investigation into the wide connections between Trump, Inc. and Russian oligarchs. A hearing on the Puerto Rico disaster and why the Trump administration claims only fewer that 100 dead while independent sources cite almost 3,000 dead. Investigation into the 4 US servicemen killed in Africa and why there was no immediate help given to them by the trump administration as they were under attack (Benghazi, anyone?). An investigation into the removal of passports and citizenship from Hispanic American citizens at the border. An investigation into the selective enforcement of the steel tariffs, allowing a Russian subsidiary to do business without paying the tariff. Etc.
    The Dems have no need to impeach Trump. They can simply expose his business connections and those of his fellow travelers.


  4. Tom Zoidal says:

    Josephurban: And if the Huse finds an ugly underbelly of Trump’s business connections and exposes it, what then? Let Trump continue to serve out his term?


  5. josephurban says:

    Tom. I suspect a weakened Trump is better for the nation than a strong Pence. As long as Congress can stop him from his destruction of the social system that would be enough. Of course, any criminal wrongdoing in NY (where the Trump brand does business) could be turned over to NY state authorities for possible criminal prosecution. There is nothing in the Constitution that protects a POTUS from state law, especially after he leaves office. No pardon available. The Trump organization may be in big trouble.

    An impeachment trial , unless the evidence is overwhelming, would only tend to strengthen him among his base and feed the “everyone is against Trump ” mentality of his supporters.

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  6. whungerford says:

    When Donald Trump was elected, it was certain to be bad, and it has been. It will get worse, we have not seen the bottom yet. There is no solution other than voting irresponsible politicians out of office. Over time, some of the damage may be healed.

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  7. Tom Zoidal says:

    Josephurban: I just wonder if we as Democrats are being too timid. I’m not necessarily a proponent of impeachment, I just think if we know a person serving as president is guilty of serious wrongdoing, it’s better for the office and the country if the person is removed. As for Pence, if Trump goes down, Pence would be a certain lame duck.


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