Tracy Mitrano needs HELP, not HOPE

DonateThe good aspect of having a primary election, especially with five and more campaigns active for a year or so, is the force of supporters working to get support for their candidate, the constant news articles and “forums’. The bad aspect is simple–donors tend not to donate until they know their money is going to THE candidate who will run.

The Finger Lakes Times’ front page headline on last Thursday’s (July 26) edition read “Costly primary run leaves Mitrano with little cash” Sub headline–“Democrat raised closed to $200,000, but most went to gain party nomination”. We knew this was coming, a PAC was formed ro raised funds for the future candidate through Act Blue. That raised just over $20,000. We can’t depend on the DCCC for funds–the NY23rd is still rated as a “Likely Republican” district–by the Cook Political Report. Guess what they use for their criteria–party enrollment numbers and money raised. The GOP has a 5.5% advantage in party enrollment (which we can overcome with independents and disgruntled republicans) and Reed has $1.3 million “cash on hand”  (Go to the Open Secrets Website by following this link to compare Tom Reed and Tracy Mitrano donor information. See the In-District/Out-of-District data below.)

We have highly engaged grassroot groups that are planning ways to get the voters out for the September State Primary, and November General Election. We need a similar commitment to improve her financial standing.  If you have every thought, “I hope Reed  loses”, now is the time to turn “hope” in “help”. How much does Tracy need? Nate Shinagawa said that you don’t need the most, but you need enough to compete.

Let’s look district’s contribution history:

  • Nate Shinagawa (2012) was able to raise $800,000 in 10 months (with a 3 candidate primary thrown in)
  • Martha Robertson (2014) raised $2.3 million in 18 months
  • John Plumb (2016) brought in $1.6 million in 15 months

The election is 14 weeks from next Tuesday, (July 31). Tracy needs the money sooner, not later. The price of commercials increases as we get closer to the election.

How to donate:

  • To pay on-line go to and click on the Donate tab.
  • If you want to send Tracy a check, make it out to “Friends of Tracy Mitrano Committee” and mail it to Friends of Tracy Mitrano Committee P.O. Box 752, Penn Yan, NY 14527-0752.


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Retired Teacher, political science geek, village trustee. I lean a little left, but like a good political discussion. My blog, the New NY 23rd (http://newny23rd) is about discussing the issues facing the people of our new congressional district. Let's hear all sides of the issues, not just what the candidates want us to hear.
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