political_insanity_car_magnet_10_x_3The end of the first quarter is the first chance for Nancy Pelosi and Andrew Cuomo to see how our campaign stacks up to the 7 Extreme Ithaca Liberals who are campaigning against us this year.–Rep. Tom Reed

What do Andrew Cuomo, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters have in common other than they are all Democrats? Tom Reed loves to run against them; evidently Tom believes, or perhaps knows full well, that they are all unpopular with NY-23 voters.  Like many of Tom Reed’s campaign ploys, these individuals have nothing to do with Tom’s official responsibilities. One wonders, will the voters be fooled again?

Tom doesn’t detail what he finds offensive about these Democrats; he assumes the voters already know. Some may be associated in voters minds with high taxes or services for those in need. Tom would like to link them to extremism, firearm regulation, disrespect for the flag. Andrew Cuomo, popular statewide, is associated with that most despised urban metropolitan area, New York City. One wonders, will the voters be fooled again?

A TV pundit explained that Donald Trump ran and won as an “alpha male.” That’s much like saying Hillary Clinton lost because she is a woman. There is no way Hillary Clinton could be an alpha male. Will Tracy Mitrano be defeated because she can’t be an alpha male; will the voters be fooled again?





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3 Responses to Democrats

  1. Robusta says:

    Tom knows his base. Look at his fans face book response to his posts. A good portion of these idiots don’t have a clue that he is not in state politics and has no influence. He does nothing to educate them and in fact reinforces their ignorance. Maybe we should have an intelligence test or at least a civics test before allowing a vote!

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  2. whungerford says:

    While many voters may be uninformed, the result of fair elections must be accepted. Voter literacy tests have a unsavory history; voter education efforts surely are worthwhile.


  3. Rynstone says:

    Robusta, a very large portion of registered voters are simply too uninformed (ignorant by choice)) to make an informed vote on election day.


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