Mitrano and Reed on election integrity

Tracy MitranoWhat a difference! Mitrano proposes to do more, Reed even less.

Tom Reed tells us what we have been told repeatedly much of our lives: “Better dead than red; Russia is not our friend.” Describing Russian activity as “meddling” trivializes a hostile attack on our country. Mischaracterization of the Mueller investigation–limited to a search for collusion with Americans, undermines faith in democratic electoral process–reflects Reed’s commitment to extreme partisanship rather than the public interest.

While Mitrano’s statement also lacks detail, Mitrano offers support for US intelligence services, identifies foreign interference in elections–cyberwarfare–as a problem and proposes to address it.

What few dare say is that foreign interference did succeed in changing the course of history in 2016, and unless we take action, will succeed again and again in the future.

election meddling

Tracy Mitrano’s statement

PENN YAN — In response to the president’s excruciating July 16 press conference in Helsinki, Tom Reed offered the weakest of statements. Using playground language—“Russia is not our friend,” “meddling”—Reed called for an end to the Mueller investigation while never once standing up for the outstanding work of our intelligence community and justice department.

Neither Reed nor the president takes cyberattacks seriously, because neither Reed nor the president understands them. As a cybersecurity expert, I am certain that 21st-century warfare will be cyberwarfare. The hacking of 2016 was just the first skirmish, and I want to make sure that America is well-fortified into the future. Right now, we are terribly vulnerable, and neither Congress nor our executive is doing anything to improve our position.

We have three branches of government so that no one branch will have too much power. Our district must send a person to Congress who will question and push back against dangerous or craven executive speech and actions. Tom Reed is not that person; I will be.

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7 Responses to Mitrano and Reed on election integrity

  1. Rynstone says:

    The Progressive Left has taken just the opposite approach on Russia (Former Soviet Union) that it did back in the late 70’ss and early 80’s.

    They were not happy with Ronald Reagan’s hardline approach on the former Soviet Union.

    It was the Progressive Liberals crying out “Better Red than Dead”.

    The Progressive Liberals were afraid we would end up in a shooting war with Russia now it seems like they are wanting the Trumpster to pursue a shooting war with Russia.


  2. Steven Beikirch says:

    Gary “Rynstone” Perry, we progressive liberals are looking forward. If it makes you happy, by all means keep looking backwards.

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  3. pystew says:

    Thanks, Steve for posting the video. If you don’t have time to watch the whole rally, jump to the 25 minute mark and watch Tracy’s feisty speech! Then Max Della Pia leads the crowd in God Bless America, and the Pledge of Allegiance.


  4. Anne says:

    Gary Perry–go look up tu quoque and get back to us. Meanwhile, Tracy is exactly right: Tom doesn’t understand cybersecurity (as evidenced not just by this statement but also by his earlier statement calling her either a “so-called” or “self-proclaimed” [sorry, I can’t locate the exact quote just now] cybersecurity expert). She actually “is” a cybersecurity expert, and trying to diminish that particular portion of the CV just shows how vulnerable Tom is on the issue. Truth is, he’s just another smash-and-grab opportunistic R who will allow this to go on as long as the benefits of the hacking fall on his side of the aisle. How many rubles does it take to buy Tom’s indifference? I bet he came surprisingly cheap.

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  5. whungerford says:

    My prediction–Tom will disparage his opponent any way he can. He will lie about her views, use altered photos, dirty tricks, and fake web sites, and link her to HRC, Nancy Pelosi, and Elizabeth Warren. He will do what he can to keep her out of the news, avoiding debates, while he makes maximum use of his paid leave from his responsibilities for campaigning. Tom won’t run on his record; he can’t. He will run as a “nice guy,” a caring father, a responsible representative. The voters, particularly women, may not buy it this time.


  6. Anne says:

    Don’t forget Tom’s favorite ploy of reminding his base how much they hate Cuomo. The amount of time and effort he expends on things that have nothing to do with him, with our district, with the alleged job he has representing our interests is just astounding. Notice his post on the campaign page earlier this week about the counterprotesters setting a flag on fire? That had what to do with anything? And yet he knows exactly what reflexes to hit to elicit a slavering rabid response from that base. (Never mind that the act itself is protected speech–we all know how much Tom hates the First Amendment.)

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  7. Gary Perry says:

    Forget about Left vs Right and Democrat vs Republican for a moment.

    Regarding election integrity what are your thoughts on this ?


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