disruption.jpgWe are going to hold China accountable and I believe the President made it very clear, he was going to disrupt our trade not only with China, but with others across the world looking for that fair and balanced trade opportunity.–Rep. Tom Reed, facebook, July 11, 2018

Kudos and a tip of the hat to Phil Ebersole whose work is cited below.

An American President is most effective when playing a lone hand–making up alternative facts, meeting in secret with foreign leaders, ignoring allied governments, members of Congress, and administration officials, and calling previous administration policies stupid.

No experience in politics is necessary; the right, bright person will know what to do. The fake media and so-called experts are always wrong, so why pay attention to them? As for administration officials, family members, Fox News personalities, and cronies will do as well as any. Read a brief, why bother?

Kim said he favored disarmament; that’s good enough. Putin says he favors good relations with the US; why not? I don’t know why he would interfere with our election, so I think he didn’t do that.

Collusion started with the Democrats, treason started with the Democrats, and now the Democrats are trying to point the finger in the other direction to keep the heat off of them. What’s up with the four hundred million that Hillary received ? What’s up with the billions Obama gave Iran? What’s up with the uranium deal that Hillary made? What’s up with the left trying to blame the right for all the problems created during the Obama Administration. The treason runs deep in the Democratic Party and has for a long time. (harvested from facebook)

“I care about ensuring that American workers are competing on an even playing field. We need to negotiate trade agreements that are fair to the American worker, which is why I support the President in placing tariffs on China. For years, bad foreign actors, such as China, have taken advantage of these trade deals and hurt many of our companies in the process. It’s time to implement new trade policies so that we have rules in place that are realistic and enforceable so that American businesses can create jobs and enhance our economy.”–Rep. Tom Reed

This record setting optimism is no accident. It is a reflection of the game-changing tax reform passed six months ago. Manufacturers are expecting surges in hiring, investments and wages as a result.–Rep Tom Reed, facebook, June 22, 2018




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2 Responses to Disruption

  1. josephurban says:

    Job growth over the last 7 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:
    2011: 2.091 million

    2012: 2.142 million

    2013: 2.302 million

    2014: 2.998 millon

    2015: 2.713 million

    2016: 2.240 million

    2017 updated: 2.188 million


    In other words, job growth under Obama was better than under Trump, but don’t confuse Reed with statistics!

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  2. whungerford says:

    Obama took office when unemployment was high, Trump when unemployment was low. One would expect Obama’s numbers to be better than Trump’s. While Obama did invest political capital in overcoming Republican resistance to pro growth policies, the economy might have recovered from recession anyway. Trump’s policies–tariffs and opposition to free trade–tend to depress the economy and raise domestic prices.

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