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A goofy editorial

Reed pushes for congressional sanity Published July 29 in the Buffalo News. The editors seem to accept Reed’s sincerity, which is a dubious assumption at best. The politically polarized U.S. House of Representatives is often the place where legislation goes … Continue reading

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Tracy Mitrano needs HELP, not HOPE

The good aspect of having a primary election, especially with five and more campaigns active for a year or so, is the force of supporters working to get support for their candidate, the constant news articles and “forums’. The bad aspect … Continue reading

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Why say liberal with a sneer?

The root meaning of liberal from Latin “liber” is “free.” It is related to liberty, liberation and learning. Many founding fathers were liberals; Madison and Jefferson rejected monarchy; they envisioned a government for a free people with liberty and justice … Continue reading

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Us and Them: Not a Good (Out)look

This article was submitted by Lee Marcus, author of “Hearts Afire: The Story of Moonwhistle School” and a frequent contributor to this blog. Congressperson Tom Reed lives in an Us and Them world. He’s got his voter base; everybody else is … Continue reading

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Tax Reform

Trump tax cut benefits all congressional districts up to $44,697 per family. –Kevin McCarthy, GOP Majority Leader, July 24 … record setting optimism is no accident. It is a reflection of the game-changing tax reform passed six months ago. Manufacturers … Continue reading

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Campaign expenses

The campaign needs $10,000 in order to reach another major fundraising milestone before Friday at midnight. Help us stand up to Andrew Cuomo, Nancy Pelosi, and the Extreme Ithaca Liberals who are trying to defeat us. — Rep. Tom Reed Do those who contribute … Continue reading

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The end of the first quarter is the first chance for Nancy Pelosi and Andrew Cuomo to see how our campaign stacks up to the 7 Extreme Ithaca Liberals who are campaigning against us this year.–Rep. Tom Reed What do Andrew … Continue reading

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