The stock market discounts news. In anticipation of events, prices rise and fall. When the anticipated event occurs, the market has already adjusted for it.

Politics discounts anticipated events as well; what would have been outrageous in the past is now taken for granted. Here is a list:

  • President Trump lies; no one is surprised  or cares.
  • Government reneges on nuclear agreement with Iran, and America shrugs.
  • White House staff insults John McCain; what else is new.
  • President won’t read or listen to briefings; staff must prepare a graphic.
  • President attacks the free press, discriminates against main stream news outlets.
  • President attacks Federal judges.
  • President flip-flops again and again, yet is said to always fulfill his promises.
  • Ill-considered tweets are the new normal.
  • State Department seriously understaffed?
  • Justice Department compromised by political interference?
  • A person suspected of war crimes is nominated to head the CIA?
  • Unprecedented chaos and turnover in the Trump Administration?
  • Israeli army kills dozens, injures thousands; ho hum.
  • Relations with traditional allies at a new low, c’est la vie.
  • President Trump appoints relatives to important government positions; so what?
  • EPA is swamped in scandal; Pruit is only doing what Trump promised.
  • Lawyer Cohen sold access; it wasn’t illegal, was it?
  • President paid off a porn star; yep, but what about Bill Clinton?
  • Tom Reed pays for fake web sites, yawn.
  • Tom Reed holds townhall meetings, but ignores constituents concerns.
  • Tom Reed sows dissension among his constituents as reelection strategy.
  • Widespread poverty in NY-23; we knew that.

There is no end to what no longer surprises us.


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* Contributor at where we discuss the politics, economics, and events of the New New York 23rd Congressional District (Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Chemung, (Eastern) Ontario, Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben,Tioga, Tompkins, and Yates Counties) Please visit and comment on whatever strikes your fancy.
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4 Responses to Discounted

  1. josephurban says:

    Mueller indicts 19 people associated with Trump. Trump says the investigation is “fake news”.

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  2. whungerford says:

    Pastor Who Said Jews Are Going to Hell Led Prayer at Jerusalem Embassy Opening

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  3. Carol says:

    Trump denounces White House leakers as cowards and traitors after saying that the leaks are fake news.

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  4. whungerford says:

    This isn’t all new–did a majority ever oppose the Vietnam war, care that Nixon used campaign funds for dirty tricks, show concern over arms for Contras, or wonder if Iraq really had nuclear weapons?


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