Tom Reed on the economy

headacheThings are looking rosy this spring,  Tom Reed says:



  • “You’re hearing about the growth opportunities here. They’ve gone up 20 percent from Quarter 3 to Quarter 1. Twenty percent growth is a huge amount of growth.”
  • “A lot of information, a lot of concern out there about the new trade tools that are being deployed by this administration and what you see here is the results of this in a positive way.”
  • “What you see in the administration is kind of a willingness to use these new tools, but do it in a way that’s productive and not damaging to our American interests.”
  • “We’re seeing new modeling of domestic growth in our economy going up a percent, two percent. Those are huge numbers that I don’t think people really appreciate.”
  • “If you’re investing in a company and you want to get some of your investment back, that’s part of the process but overall this is good because the tide is raising for everyone.”
  • “I know where this tax reform is targeted because we worked on it for six years. This is for those hardworking Americans that are working paycheck to paycheck, give them better opportunity, higher wages. You’re seeing wage increases at levels we haven’t seen for 40, 50 years.”

Prosperity in NY-23 is just around the corner, according to Tom Reed.

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5 Responses to Tom Reed on the economy

  1. Anonymous says:

    NY State’s high taxes and high state government spending & borrowing & debt are the culprits for poor job growth.

    Nothing Tom Reed can do will fix this. He can get federal government monies to prop up corporate welfare to grow jobs but that is theft of tax payer monies and redistribution of wealth on the middle income tax payers.

    Progressive Liberals will try and lay this at the feet of their Republican congressional representatives so they can put more Democrat members in Congress. This is nothing ore than a con game and not accurate. This is the fault of the NY State Governor and the State Legislature.


  2. whungerford says:

    Tom claims tax reform is targeted for those hardworking Americans who are working paycheck to paycheck. I guess most of us know this is a lie.


  3. josephurban says:

    In Obama’s first year he dealt with an unemployment rate as high as 10%. When Obama left office the unemployment rate was at 4.7%. The trend has continued under Trump to 4.1%. Those rates are due the the Obama policies, not the tax giveaway to the wealthiest Americans. Has Reed ever mentioned the tremendous economic recovery under Obama’s policies?


  4. josephurban says:

    Anonymous. It’s those darned “liberals” again!!!

    Good link to the Kiplinger news letter. It outlines how the employment is increasing in so many states. Did you notice the DATE on the link? It shows how employment is growing from 2015 to 2016…hmmm…now, who was the POTUS then? And what policies were working? (Hint: A guy born in Kenya). So, I take your point, the Obama policies worked.

    For the record, the NY unemployment rate in Feb 2016 was 4.8%, exactly .1% LOWER than the national average. So, the fake news that NY is somehow out of line in relation to the rest of the nation is just that…fake news.


  5. mjw1970 says:

    Funny that anonymous wants to hide his identification. Nick Weinstein? And I used the same BLS data in discussing Reed in the Dunkirk Observer.

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