Trump’s ideal budget process


I will never sign another bill like this again. –Trump

Trump lamented the “ridiculous situation that took place over the last week,” saying the bill was quickly put together and lawmakers were given little time to read through it.

A budget bill is a reference work, not meant to be read. The idea that legislators read bills to find out what is included is silly. It would be totally pointless. A legislator might refer to the text with regard to something of particular interest, but read the whole bill–ridiculous.

Trump also called on Congress to give him a “line item veto” for all government spending bills, echoing a desire expressed by previous presidents who lamented parts of congressional legislation.

Ah, the line item veto. Why should Congress bother with appropriations bills if specific appropriations can be ignored. With such a power, I suppose President Trump could delete funding for DOJ investigations–how nice.

He also called on Congress to get rid of the filibuster and “go to 51 votes in the Senate” in order to have “success” in Congress.

This sounds good when your party is in the majority, but old timers know that won’t always be the case.

“Without the filibuster rule it’ll happen just like magic,” Trump said.

What would happen just like magic? Would the President then get just what he wanted with no conflict, a wall perhaps? I doubt it–votes of Democrats were needed in the House, where there is no filibuster, for the appropriation bill because Republicans are divided, that’s a fact. One Senator threatening a filibuster was Republican Rand Paul.

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4 Responses to Trump’s ideal budget process

  1. josephurban says:

    Trump is used to just telling people what to do and having his butt kissed. He is not s negotiator or a leader in any sense of the word. He has been exposed so often and so regularly as a charlatan that I am amazed at the continued gullibility of so many who support him.


  2. Carol says:

    The real reason that he didn’t want to sign it was because there are sanctions against Russia in the bill.


  3. whungerford says:

    Carol, there are so many things in the Omnibus Bill, that I can’t imagine that Tom cares much about any one of them. I think he has telegraphed the direction of his reelection campaign–he will balance his vote for a budget-busting tax bill with meaningless opposition to the budget bill. He will run on his estimate of average tax savings and his opposition to a 1.3 trillion budget deal.

    As for sanctions, the Republicans have a solution-vote sanctions and ignore Trump’s reluctance to implement them.

    I believe the recent appropriations are only good till September. I don’t understand why they want to fight over spending again just before the election.


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