Two “nothing burgers”

primary-2Every child in our Nation has a right to feel safe. To achieve that goal, the President will announce a series of actions to protect our children and their communities.–President DJT

Two “nothing burgers:” Florida’s new gun law and President Trump’s proposals.

Here are President Trump’s proposals:

  1. Hardening our schools: The Administration will make sure our schools are safe and secure—just like our airports, stadiums, and government buildings—with better training and preparedness.
  2. Strengthening background checks and prevention: President Trump is supporting legislation and reforms to strengthen the background checks system and law enforcement operations.
  3. Reforming mental health programs: The President is proposing an expansion and reform of mental health programs, including those that help identify and treat individuals who may be a threat to themselves or others.
  4. Keeping the conversation going: In addition to these immediate actions, President Trump is establishing a Federal Commission on School Safety, chaired by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, to recommend policy and funding proposals for school violence prevention.

None of these is likely to have much effect on firearm violence–they ignore the obvious causes, which include:

  • Ineffective regulations
  • Too many guns in private hands

Here is what the Florida gun law does:

  1. Raises the age to purchase a firearm to 21 from 18;
  2. Requires a three-day waiting period for firearm purchases, with some exceptions;
  3. Bans the sale or possession of bump fire stocks, which allow a semiautomatic weapon to fire more like an automatic weapon;
  4. Gives law enforcement more authority to seize weapons and ammunition from those deemed mentally unfit or otherwise a threat;
  5. Provides additional funding for armed school resource officers and mental health services.

This is marginally better that President Trump’s proposal; unlike Trump’s, Florida’s proposal has been signed into law. Any law that helps is welcome. But again is this much too little too late.


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30 Responses to Two “nothing burgers”

  1. Rynstone says:

    2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights as ratified by the states and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson, the Secretary of State:
    “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    Since all able bodies citizens are constitutionally bound to make up the militia and the right of the people to keep and bear arm shall not be infringed how can it be possible to have too many firearms in the hands of law abiding citizens ?

    From the NY State Constitution:
    Article Xll Defense
    [Defense; militia]
    Section 1. The defense and protection of the state and of the United States is
    an obligation of all persons within the state. The legislature shall provide for
    the discharge of this obligation and for the maintenance and regulation of an
    organized militia.


  2. Steve Beikirch says:

    Whungerford, do you have any idea what Trump means by “Strengthening background checks and prevention?” I believe this is an area that needs to be a focus. The New York State models for background checks and firearms transfers needs to be adopted nationwide. New York law requires a background check (NICS) by a licensed firearms dealer prior to any transfer, sale, exchange, or disposal of a firearm. This includes sales at gun shows and by private parties (except between immediate family members).


  3. Steve Beikirch says:

    Rynstone, since punctuation or lack thereof can change the meaning of a sentence I thought you should know that you left out a comma after “militia” and “arms.”

    This is the transcription from the National Archives.
    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”


  4. Rynstone says:

    Your quote on every post “It’s the First Amendment For A Reason!” inspired me.

    “It’s the 2nd Amendment For A Reason!”
    Without the 2nd Amendment we would have lost the First Amendment.
    If we ever do lose the First Amendment we will need the 2nd Amendment to get the First Amendment back.


  5. Rynstone says:

    My 2005 Barnes & Nobles Book of of teh Constitution of teh United States and the Founding Documents has your version of teh 2nd Amendment.

    Here is the original 2nd Amendment as ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson, the Secretary of State:

    A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.


  6. Steve Beikirch says:

    Rynstone, with all due respect, I quoted the National Archives transcription of the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights. If you choose not to accept it that is your choice.


  7. whungerford says:

    I believe Trump favors the Murphy-Cornin Bill which makes cosmetic changes to the flawed background check system.


  8. josephurban says:

    The DC vs Heller case remains the law of the land. The conservative majority opinion was written by Justice Scalia. He was clear about 3 things in his opinion.
    1. Every person has an individual right to possess a weapon without regard to his participation in a militia. (I know, Scalia was supposed to be a rigid originalist, but on this one issue he decides to become a “loose interpretation” justice. So be it).
    2. The government has the right/responsibility to LIMIT GUN OWNERSHIP by not allowing certain individuals to possess weapons. The examples he uses are felons and people who may have mental issues.
    3. The government has the right to limit the TYPE of weapon available to the public. For examples he uses military-style weapons.
    So, when we read the decisions of the court we need to read the entire decisions. According to the MOST conservative member of the SCOTUS, the government has a legitimate right to control who can get guns and what kinds of guns are legal. No amount fo screaming ” 2nd Amendment, 2nd Amendment!!!” changes that decision.
    As an aside, the NY SAFE Act limits both the type of weapons and who can obtain them. It has survived all court challenges.

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  9. Steve Beikirch says:

    josephurban, thank you for reiterating the fact that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited. Despite the misleading statements by the NRA and SCOPE, some people just can’t wrap their head the fact that the NYSAFE Act is constitutional.


  10. Rynstone says:

    ABC 20/20


  11. Rynstone says:

    Howard Stern


  12. Rynstone says:

    A Liberal Chicago Journalist Tries To Buy AR-15 To Prove Gun Control Point, Fails Background Check


  13. Rynstone says:

    The Gun Show Loopholes Exposed


  14. josephurban says:

    Ryn. Regarding the Chicago video. Good point that in Chicago it is hard to buy a gun. That is why the guns used in crimes come from out of state, from states with lax gun laws. As you video shows, it is hard to get a gun in Chicago if you are a souse abuser. Good point.
    so, why is there so much crime in Chicago? Where do these guns come from?

    “From 2010 to 2014, of the traceable guns used in Illinois crimes which originated from out of state, most came from Indiana (3,269), Mississippi (1,002) and Wisconsin (898).”

    Which is exactly why we need a national gun registry and national gun control laws. People in Chicago will never be safe as long as the bad guys can easily buy guns out of state.


  15. Rynstone says:

    The “bad” guys purchase the guns illegally or steal them. They do not purchase them from dealers or responsible legal firearm owners and sportsmen.
    Every law that the “gun grabbers” try to pass the criminals will not care or obey them.


  16. Rynstone says:

    Thought for the day from a friend who is a woman, a mother and a recent grandmother:
    Several Americans are sledding down a hill. At the bottom of the hill is a barbed wire fence that many are being hurt by.
    Now several people think that we need to remove the fence. But that fence has a very important purpose, so removing it will create more problems.
    The proper solution is to fix the real problem. By educating people about the issues with the fence, they will most likely choose a different hill to go down.
    Our real problem is not guns! We have a twisted idea that getting rid of them will solve our problems. NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH!!!!!
    The real problem is that we have turned away from the things that are true and right and have decided every body has the right to be happy and happiness can only come when one gets their own way. If one does not like something, it must be done away with, removed from our society.
    Just think: What if God felt that way. What if God decided to do away with everything He did not like or disagreed with? None of us would ever have existed in the first place!
    Grow up America! Change what needs to be changed to fix the problem and stop trying to use a Band-Aid every time some one goes through the fence.


  17. Rynstone says:

    A few emails from students who know this latest school shooting tragedy is being used as a political issue for the gun control advocates;
    From a high school junior today: “honestly it’s like the Women’s March. There is no single consolidated argument, just a loose collection of rants that obscure the main point).”

    From a 16-year-old high school girl: “I was planning on not participating in the walkout. I do not see the point in leaving class to simply walk outside, stand and talk with peers for 17 minutes, and return to class. The act of walking out of class to ‘protest school violence’ does not seem to have a target audience, even though they may have a news crew, it is doubtful that the students in Florida will see the actions of our school’s walkout as a stand with solidarity. I also support the 2nd Amendment and see this walkout as another opportunity for students and their parents to attack that amendment and my support of gun control…I do see that my refusal to participate may be seen as unsympathetic or cruel. My brother, who is a freshman, is being pressured in class to participate.”

    From a 17-year-old high school student: “tomorrow my school is having a walkout at 10:00 ‘for the 17 students who were killed in the Parkland, Fl shooting.’ The walkout, however, here at my school, is not really about that. It is being promoted by an anti-gun/leftist political agenda that I just don’t and can’t support, especially using the 17 kids that were MY AGE as a platform. I was wondering what you would say to people who want to call me ‘insensitive’ and ‘a terrible person.’”

    From another 17-year-old high school student: “The reason I am emailing is because my school is having a walkout on March 14th. They say in an email that this walkout is to advocate for gun reform but they also say that we are walking to honor the victims of the parkland massacre. I am in favor of walking to honor the victims, but not in favor of promoting gun reform. I feel like I have to choose between going against my political values or looking like a bad person. I need help. What do I do?”

    From another high schooler: “My high school is participating in the walkout on Wednesday, and I am unsure what to do. I am very against gun control and don’t want to protest congress for something they are doing right, if that makes sense. However, I don’t want to be singled out by students as someone who ‘doesn’t care about the students who died.’ Should I participate and conform to avoid humiliation and honor the students or should I remain in class alone? I don’t know if the walkout is more about gun control or honoring the students.”

    Then there are students who want to do something to counter the propaganda, and who will be ignored by the media:

    From a 16-year-old high schooler today: “It is ignoring the fact that most gun violence is against blacks with handguns. Ignoring that fact is by definition racist. A nation-wide walk out for a majority white 1 percent is real white privilege and ignorant of the real problem, most gun violence is against blacks with handguns, not assault weapons, and ignoring that would from its core be racist and ignorant.”

    From a high school senior: “Please let me start by saying that I respect the Left’s position on the walkout tomorrow, but I do not agree with their solution. I have decided to organize my own walk out to push Right wing beliefs on how to stop school violence…Respect other’s opinions and others will respect yours. ‘Here to save lives. Pro-Second amendment.’”

    These students will not be featured by the media. I’ve recommended that they walk out alongside their classmates, but carry signs reading, “Protect My Life — Arm Law-Abiding Citizens!”

    Presumably, they’d be ignored even if they did. But like the Women’s March, this walkout is a form of social pressure designed for a photo-op. And that’s too bad. If its advocates want gun control, they ought to call it a gun control march. To suggest that anyone who doesn’t support gun control doesn’t support children — even pro-Second Amendment children themselves, who choose not to support the agenda — is vile bullying.


  18. Rynstone says:

    Breaking Tragic news. A 14.2 million dollar “quick-build” pedestrian bridge collapses. Several fatalities have been reported. It might be time to ban “quick-build” bridge projects. #Never again.

    Our prayers and thoughts go out to this mass causality event.


  19. Rynstone says:

    I apologize for the bad link above
    Try this for women who love the AR15


  20. Rynstone says:

    From Paloma A. Capanna, Attorney & Policy Analyst
    March 6 at 7:56am ·

    The Second Amendment is the least discriminating actor of this great nation. It doesn’t care if you’re male or female, white or black, straight or LGBTQ, a civilian or a Veteran, born jn the USA or a naturalized citizen. You can use it while eating cake. You can use it in an all women’s shoot. You can carry it while eating lunch at a Woolworth’s counter.

    The Second Amendment has no bias.

    Why are Americans holding public office developing such a systematic bias against it for the first time in this nation’s history?

    Welcome to the #NewDiscrimination.


  21. josephurban says:

    Ry. Correction. Gins purchased legally in loose restriction states account for morst of the gun related crimes in states like NY. Sorry, but those are just the facts.

    “ALBANY — A new report proves what has long been suspected — the bulk of gun crimes committed in New York involve weapons that originated from out of state….
    In New York City, 91% of the low “time-to-crime” guns originated out-of-state, the analysis found. That’s the largest percentage in the state. Long Island came in second at 58%….

    “About 50,000 guns are found to be diverted to criminals across state lines every year, federal data shows, and many more are likely to cross state lines undetected.

    In New York and New Jersey, which have some of the strictest laws in the country, more than two-thirds of guns tied to criminal activity were traced to out-of-state purchases in 2014. Many were brought in via the so-called Iron Pipeline, made up of Interstate 95 and its tributary highways, from Southern states with weaker gun laws, like Virginia, Georgia and Florida….”

    So, the easy gun purchase states are responsible for the death rates in NY, Chicago, etc. Sorry, just the facts. Until we have a national gun conttrol law innocent Amercians will continue to be killed due to the lax laws in many states.


  22. josephurban says:

    Ryn. To correct your analogy.
    Many people are sledding down a hill with a barbed wire finece. But the majority don’t want to sled down that hill. Nevertheless, Congress, the President and the NRA hold them at gunpoint and FORCE them to sled down that hill anyway. They FORCE everyone to sled down into the barbed wire. No gun choice.


  23. josephurban says:

    Ry . Your post about the pedestrian bridge falling is interesting. Did anyone on the bridge have a gun that could save them? Could they shoot their way out of it? Perhaps use an AR-15 to save themselves? Perhaps spending money on infrastructure instread of the $1.5 trillion dollar tax cuts to the wealthy might be a better solution to the bridge iuissue.


  24. josephurban says:

    The high school students in Florida forced the GOP and governor to make a few minor changes and for the FIRST TIME, stand up to the NRA and pass a modest gun control bill. Not a great bill, but a major slap in the face to the NRA and the gun runners. These kids are what is great about America. Young people, who are voting or will soon be voting, taking their Constitutional rights seriously. Remebr Rosa Parks? It all starts very modestly with common sense Americans saying: NO. The future is bright.

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  25. Rynstone says:

    Democrat KY Governor Bevin answers a question regarding Gun Violence in Schools


  26. Rynstone says:

    You can’t make this stuff up. No on e would believe you:
    On Wednesday, acting FBI deputy director David Bowdich testified during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that former President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice forced the FBI to delete over 500,000 fugitives, who had outstanding arrest warrants, from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

    “It’s my understanding that under federal law fugitives cannot legally purchase or possess guns,” Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) began. “We’ve heard from local law enforcement that the Justice Department has issued a memo that forced the FBI NICS background check database to drop more than 500,000 names of fugitives with outstanding arrest warrants because it was uncertain whether those fugitives had fled across state lines.”

    “Mr. Bowdich, can you describe why this determination was made by the Justice Department?” Feinstein asked.

    “That was a decision that was made under the previous administration,” Bowdich replied. “It was the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel that reviewed the law and believed that it needed to be interpreted so that if someone was a fugitive in a state, there had to be indications that they had crossed state lines.”


  27. Rynstone says:

    A “good guy” with a firearm stopped a “bad guy” with a firearm may have prevented a bad situation from being worse in a horrible school shooting incident.

    ABC News reported the shooter using a Glock handgun. Although not reported I wonder if the Resource officer (Law Enforcement Office) used the new model Crimson Trace Lasergriped Sig Sauer P239 9MM Tactical semi-automatic handgun.


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