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Immigrant Data for NY23rd

  The following information is from the New American Economy. Besides the data about each Congressional District there are many data driven reports explaining the effects immigrants have on different industries and geographical areas.    Immigrants and the economy in: New York District … Continue reading

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Congressional Candidate Charles Whalen suspending his campaign

Charles Whalen from Geneva issued the following statement “For Immediate Release” today: Friends and Fellow Democrats, Effective immediately, I’m suspending my campaign for Congress. I remain convinced that my message of advancing our common interests is the only way to … Continue reading

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Gun Polls–Fake Polls or Usable Data

Is it time to talk gun safety yet? If so, here is a list of doable things: 1. Universal background checks (90% public support) 2. Ban assault weapons (57% public support) 3. Ban bump stocks (82% public support) 4. Close … Continue reading

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Multiple Candidates?–NY23rd is NOT alone in NYS

This Congressional Campaign cycle really is different from recent cycles.  The passionate reaction to the 2016 campaign and election has motivated more to get involved politically. That groundswell has inspired more  to become candidates to try to oust the current … Continue reading

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The enemy identified

We have met the enemy and he is us–Pogo (Walt Kelly) What I’m looking at is the perpetrator.–Rep. Tom Reed Wayne LaPierre, Claudia Tenney, Tom Reed, and other NRA apologists sing the same song. Guns aren’t the problem; more guns and … Continue reading

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Are Assault Weapon Bans Constitutional?

Last fall I was leading a discussion at our local library about the proposed NYS Constitutional Convention. After we have been talking for a while, I made a statement that if there is a Constitutional Convention, whatever they change in … Continue reading

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This article was submitted by Lee Marcus of Arkport. America is the country where children are routinely shot dead in school. Woke now? I’ll tell you who’s woke. Steve Bannon. Last week, Bannon announced that what we’re seeing today is … Continue reading

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We have learned more about propaganda

The special counsel detailed how a Russian effort to widen divisions in American society launched in 2014 morphed into active support for the candidacy of Donald Trump.–David A. Graham, The Atlantic The indictment filed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller details … Continue reading

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Our Greatest Threat is our National Debt.–Rep. Tom Reed This fake proposal  (Trump’s) will not address the serious infrastructure needs facing this country, so our potholed roads will get worse, our bridges and transit systems will become more dangerous, and … Continue reading

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Can you believe it?

Astounding facts: Dozens of high-level Trump Administration officials still working with temporary security clearances after one year. Trump campaign still under investigation for collusion and obstruction with no end in sight. Secrets made public for political purposes against the advice … Continue reading

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