Why most Americans don’t realize they’re getting Tax Cuts?

chanceLast night a group of extreme arrogant liberals protested outside of our office and chanted that they would not accept a tax cut for hardworking families. I know their values do not represent our district and that our hardworking families desperately need tax relief.–Rep. Tom Reed

This is a once in a generation opportunity to reshape our tax code that will bring a new wave of optimism, opportunity, and pride.–Rep. Tom Reed

David A. Graham, writing in The Atlantic, reports that “four out of five taxpayers will see their bills reduced in 2018, but few of them expect to see the cash.” This may be true in general, even if not in New York. Graham gives several possible explanations, but there is another that may be important in NY-23.

At a town hall meeting, Tom Reed reportedly asked for a show of hands on the question of whether his constituents sought a tax cut. The crowd didn’t respond as he expected–many present opposed Republican tax proposals even if they would owe less. Tom mocked this response in his political advertising, labeling his constituents as extreme arrogant liberals.

There are many reasons to disdain tax cuts, especially if they are small. Here are mine:

  1. I oppose large, unnecessary tax cuts for profitable corporations and wealthy individuals.
  2. We should be acting to reduce income disparity, not increase it. I oppose weakening estate taxes.
  3. I oppose adding to the deficit. When unemployment is low and business is booming, we should be reducing deficit spending.
  4. I oppose the use of chained CPI to defeat effective indexing for inflation.
  5. I oppose allowing corporations hiding profits overseas to benefit from this practice.
  6. I am outraged that Congress should pointedly punish “blue States.”

There is no excuse for voodoo economics–claims that lower tax rates increase revenue enough to compensate are patently false. We should avoid blaming Tom Reed even though he is a convenient goat–the problem is Republican malfeasance, not just Tom Reed’s. In case Tom Reed chooses not to run for reelection, we should have a case against Republican economic dogma.

Are we experiencing a “new wave of optimism, opportunity, and pride” yet?



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4 Responses to Why most Americans don’t realize they’re getting Tax Cuts?

  1. Carol says:

    Last night and this morning a group of extreme arrogant Republican representatives and senators pretended to vote for a tax cut for hardworking families, giving a substantial tax cut to themselves and their wealthy donors. I know their values do not represent our district and that our hardworking families desperately need tax relief.

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  2. whungerford says:

    Wow, Carol, right on.

    The hell of it is that it is easy to campaign against taxes as if they were a needless nuisance, and hard for a politician to advocate raising taxes even when prudence demands it. Voters buy phony economic arguments at their peril.


  3. saittta says:

    The constituents of the 23rd won’t see tax relief, unless they’re millionaires…. and how many millionaires are in the 23rd?
    Voters didn’t buy this, it was shoved down everyone’s throats….
    To pay down the deficit, Paul Ryan says “entitlement” programs will need to have deep cuts with the implication that they are somehow “welfare reform”.
    Programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are programs that each of us, who earn or have earned a paycheck, have paid into all of our whole, working lives to serve as a safety net to pensions and retirement funds, which history has shown could be looted at any time. …. he’s trying to make the case that somehow those programs that, coincidentally, we as the working class have paid into for ourselves, are for “welfare” recipients.
    The wealthy donors to Tom Reed and Paul Ryan are the welfare recipients.
    This new tax plan was legislation to legalize tax evasion for the rich.
    What happens to your parents, grandparents, or YOU if Paul Ryan and the republicans like him succeed in taking away Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid? How many people in the 23rd will suffer or cease to exist? Forget whether you’re Republican, Democrat or Independent.. what happens?
    If Tom Reed thinks that his constituency is made up of “extreme arrogant liberals”, then how does he think he’s representing us. The 23rd is extremely diverse, but make no mistake, he represents Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, wealthy donors and himself…. and right now, they are all laughing… all the way to the bank… for themselves.


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