NY23rd Candidate: Tracy Mitrano


Tracy Mitrano is a democrat running to oppose incumbent Rep. Tom Reed in November’s Federal Election. I have invited Tracy and the other candidates to share Press Releases, Comments on political issues and other bits of information to help the NY23rd Constituents make an educated choice in the June 26 Democratic Primary, and the November 6 Greeral Election.

Meet Tracy Mitrano

I have lived in western and southern tier New York my entire life. I was born in Rochester where my parents owned a restaurant downtown. I grew up helping my father in that restaurant. It is where I learned first-hand about the importance of community and of hard work.

My parents sacrificed everything so that I could receive an education. Because of them, I was the first one in my family to go to college.  They believed a good education would open doors for me, and it did. I received a Ph.D in American History from Binghamton University and a Law degree from Cornell. With these degrees, I have spent a lifetime serving my Southern Tier community.

I have taught at colleges and universities across the state, most recently serving as the Director of Information Technology Policy at Cornell University. As an internet policy expert, I was a member of the EDUCAUSE Board, and sat on the New York State Board of Education Task Force on Distance Education and the Tompkins County Legislature’s Broadband Committee. After retiring from Cornell, I built a successful consulting business and created a public-private partnership cybersecurity certificate degree for the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. I began campaigning full-time in December of 2017 and divide my time between Penn Yan and Ithaca when I’m not on the campaign trail.

The Southern Tier is a special place. I have raised two children, Nikko (25) and Samuel (21), here because of the strong values of this district and the hardworking community.

However, in recent years I have watched our district suffer as the local economy lags. Too many friends and neighbors are losing farms and businesses. Families are split apart as children must move far away to find employment. Meanwhile, a political divide has grown in our district. Congressman Reed has exploited this rift to distract from the fact that he votes again and again for corporate interests and lobbyists instead of the needs of his own constituents. This district cannot just be a place for only Republicans or only Democrats—that’s not how democracy works!

I will fight tirelessly to grow our economy and bring jobs back to the district, while pushing for commonsense tax policies. I will protect the rights of constituents with disabilities and veterans, including ensuring access to affordable healthcare. I will champion the rights of every single person in NY 23, regardless of their political affiliation. I hope you will join me.

For more information, please see www.tracymitranoforcongress.com



Press Release


            Penn Yan, NY—Today, the House pushed through a hurriedly drafted, ill-conceived overhaul of our tax system after holding only one public meeting on the matter. The Senate intends to ram the bill through tonight. In passing this legislation, Congress ignored significant public opposition and the vast majority of economic and legal experts who warned the legislation would only widen the income inequality gap. Under this irresponsible bill, the highest-earning Americans will get a lower tax rate than even previous versions of the plan had included. Any tax gains individuals see will run out in the next few years while corporate tax cuts are permanent. Similarly, its repeal of the individual mandate will strip approximately 13 million of their healthcare.

These tax cuts to the wealthy come at a high price tag. It will levy a $1.5 trillion hit to the deficit and Republican lawmakers have already said they plan to cut back vital programs—like SSI, Medicaid, and Medicare—to pay for it. Low income families, the middle-class, veterans, and people with disabilities will be the ones to bear the brunt of the GOP’s recklessness. With the bill’s passage, the Republican Party has officially relinquished its platform of fiscal conservatism.

            The majority of congressional representatives from New York—both Democrat and Republican—voted against the bill because they knew it was a bad deal for the people of upstate and western New York. Republican congressional representatives from lower tax states have even publicly admitted that the tax bill will only drive businesses out of upstate and western New York. However, once again, Congressman Tom Reed (R-NY23) chose to side with corporate interests instead of his constituents.

Multiple media sources have confirmed that several Republican congressional representatives will personally profit from elements of the bill, including NY23’s Tom Reed. Further, this bill includes real estate and business perks that were added last minute aimed at swaying Republican congressional representatives into voting for the bill. I condemn this inside corruption in the strongest of terms. This is not how you responsibly govern a first-world economy and this is not how a democracy should work.



            Ithaca, NY – Today, the FCC voted along party lines to end Net Neutrality, scrapping regulations meant to keep the Internet open and fair for all. This decision re-categorizes the Internet as an information service instead of a utility. The FCC’s decision was not a surprise, despite widespread opposition from consumers. The number of public comments received in opposition before the vote took place broke all records.

            Before running to represent New York’s 23rd district in Congress, I spent the last 10 years of my career as an internet governance and cybersecurity expert fighting to keep Internet access open for everyone. This dangerous decision by the FCC turns the clock back at the expense of the consumer and to the benefit of corporations and the wealthy 1 percent, who will no doubt use this decision to charge consumers more for access to online information and websites. Low-income and people with disabilities will suffer most from this decision.

            The hardworking people of New York 23rd’s district deserve robust and uninhibited access to the Internet. It is one of the key pieces needed to boost economic development and jobs by allowing family farms to compete on the national and global market, K-1 educational improvements, and to attract 21st Century businesses to this district.

            I call upon Congress and the courts to use their legislative and judicial authority to ensure that the Internet remains a level playing field for innovation and open to all communication, content, and commerce.

About pystew

Retired Teacher, political science geek, village trustee. I lean a little left, but like a good political discussion. My blog, the New NY 23rd (http://newny23rd) is about discussing the issues facing the people of our new congressional district. Let's hear all sides of the issues, not just what the candidates want us to hear.
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12 Responses to NY23rd Candidate: Tracy Mitrano

  1. whungerford says:

    The economy–jobs–is an issue that will be important. Reed will claim that corporate tax cuts spur economic growth. While this is likely false, it may not be evident by November. Health care may also be an important issue, and people may be well aware of rising health care costs and ready to blame Tom Reed.

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  2. Rynstone says:

    Thank you pystew, finally some useful and real information that can inform and educate your readers and the voters.

    whungerford, Seriously, how in the heck can anyone blame Congressman Reed for the rising healthcare costs since he had absolutely nothing to do with creating the ACA (Obamacare) and did not vote for it ?!?

    As far as the upstate NY economy, this is mostly affected by the horrible tax and spend policies of the NY State Governor and State legislature.


  3. pystew says:

    You are welcomed, Rynstone. I hope I get information from the other candidates.

    Now about healthcare. Reed followed the GOP talking points and continued to be against everything Obama. There are ways to improve Obamacare, but the GOP decided to the repeal/replace route and the rest is history. Now they are finding ways to weakened it. If they keep that plan, don’t be surprise if Albany will pass the One Payer New York Health Act to protect New Yorkers. We might be able to wait until after the 2018 elections, and with Chuck and Nancy leading the Senate and House, we can really bring something that Trump can sign that will be accepted by the majority of Americans.


  4. Rynstone says:

    C’mon now …. don’t spoil my dinner by suggesting that we could possibly end up with Nancy Pelosi and Schumer leading a majority Dem House and Senate. This is unthinkable to me.

    I would like to get all of the Democrat candidates and Tom Reed’s thoughts on these two major news stories that the main street media continues to ignore;





  5. whungerford says:

    One of many reasons to blame Tom Reed and other Republicans (except the twelve who voted NO) for rising health care costs is their vote for H.R.1, which is expected to raise insurance premiums for all.

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  6. Rynstone says:

    The twelve you refer to who voted against “Repeal & Replace” were most likely members of the freedom Caucus.


  7. whungerford says:

    Twelve Republicans voted against the tax scam bill, H.R.1. Here is the vote:


  8. Rynstone says:

    Peter King, Lee Zeldin, Elise Stefanik, Dan Donovan & John Faso are all from NY State and voted “no” to show their constituency they are concerned about losing the Home Mortgage & Property Tax deduction. Purely political theater. Saving face hoping for reelection knowing the Bill would easily pass with their “no” vote.
    Frelinghuysen NJ, LoBiondo NJ, Lance NJ, Smith (NJ), Rohrabacher CA, Daryl Issa CA, have the same situation as the Congressional members, Kabuki Theater trying to save face with their constituents for reelection in 2018 ( a self-serving political vote knowing the Bill would pass)

    Jones NC is on the Liberty Caucus, from a Democrat family and does not usually vote conservative. (most likely a RINO)

    It really is sad that not one single Democrat voted for it. I guess all Democrats do not want anyone to have a tax cut or reduce government spending & costs.

    While I do not agree that this “Tax Reform” was in any way real tax reform I am glad it has passed. If I were Trump I would had disavowed and taken no credit for it, instead laying it at the feet of the GOP. I still would have signed it because it is a small tax cut for individuals and a good corporate tax rate that will help us compete around the world and should bring off shore businesses and money back to the US.

    The real shame and crime is that I have not heard one politician from any party talking about reducing government costs and spending.


  9. whungerford says:

    Rep. Walter Jones is a fiscal conservative who votes against any measure which would increase the deficit.


  10. Rynstone says:

    Hey, at least Rosie O’Donnell did her part to get teh Senate to defeat the Tax Bill. I wonder….does this make Rosie eligible to “belong in a basket of deplorables” that Hillary Clinton spoke of ?


    Why do some “celebrities” feel the need to try and interject themselves publicly into politics only to hurt the very cause they champion for?!?


  11. Rynstone says:

    C.mon Nancy….said it isn’t so !
    With Leadership like this it will be a tough election year in 2018 for Progressives



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