Want Reed Out? Here’s a Way Everyone Can Help!

I heard Nate Shinagawa say at the  2012 July 4th Parade in Hammondsport that you don’t need to raise the most money, but you need enough money to compete.

As of today, there are eight Democrats running for the right to oppose two Independents and Rep. Tom Reed to represent us in Congress for 2019 and 202o. On June 26, the eight Democrats will be reduced to one in the Democratic Primary.

Elections are expensive.  In the history of the current NY 23rd, Nate Shinagawa (2012) was able to raise $800,000 in 10 months (with a 3 candidate primary thrown in).  Martha Robertson (2014) raised $2.3 million in 18 months. John Plumb brought in $1.6 million in 15 months.

Political donors want to spend their money wisely. They are holding tight to their wallets  until they know who the democratic candidate is going to be. Needless to say, it will be difficult for the primary winner, or an independent candidate to receive the amount of money in 4 months that Shinagawa received in ten.

The GOOD NEWS is that we can help replace Tom Reed. We have a group of enterprising activists in our district who have created a honest-to-goodness legal Political Action Committee (PAC), “yourNY23rd”. A PAC can’t give funds directly to a candidate; this PAC  plans to spend our donations to inform voters about Rep. Reed’s positions.

How  much is it worth to you to make this Reed’s last term? $10? If the all of the John Plumb voters gave $10 to the “your NY 23rd” PAC it will received  $1,185,480. Think about how much they’ll receive if we give $10/month until August?

Replacing Reed will take a lot of work. Donating to “your NY23rd” is something we can do NOW.

About the PAC:

  • “We are an all volunteer group – very small – fewer than 20 on the Board. From virtually every area of the 23rd District.
  • Marcia Johnson Chautauqua County (Director), Tim Hayden Steuben County, Vinnie Nykiel Chemung County, and Jennifer Bertron, Treasurer, Steuben County compose the Executive Board.
  • We are not associated with any candidate, group, PAC or business. Our goal is to define Tom Reed and we are multicycle.
  • We are a Nonconnected Political Action Committee registered with the Federal Election Commission.”



About pystew

Retired Teacher, political science geek, village trustee. I lean a little left, but like a good political discussion. My blog, the New NY 23rd (http://newny23rd) is about discussing the issues facing the people of our new congressional district. Let's hear all sides of the issues, not just what the candidates want us to hear.
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21 Responses to Want Reed Out? Here’s a Way Everyone Can Help!

  1. ctb11365 says:

    WHO are the people on the board of this PAC? All I can see is “voters and tax payers in ny23” which tells me exactly zero.

    I agree with your points about contributing; I supported both Robertson and Plumb, but till I know WHO are the people behind the PAC, I’m going to sit on my checkbook.

    Thank you Charles Brady Seneca County



  2. Arthur Ahrens says:

    ” but till I know WHO are the people behind the PAC, I’m going to sit on my checkbook. ”

    EXACTLY! I agree completely.


  3. pystew says:

    Thanks for the responses. I will enter the following information in article:

    We are an all volunteer group – very small – fewer than 20 on the Board. From virtually every area of the 23rd District.

    Marcia Johnson Chautauqua County (Director), Tim Hayden Steuben County and Vinnie Nykiel Chemung County compose the Executive Board. Jennifer Bertron, Treasurer, Steuben County.

    We are not associated with any candidate, group, PAC or business. Our goal is to define Tom Reed and we are multicycle.

    We are a Nonconnected Political Action Committee registered with the Federal Election Commission.

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  4. Arthur Ahrens says:

    Ok…That’s a start…
    How many Democrats?
    How many Republicans?
    How many Independents?
    Will the PAC consider backing an independent?


  5. pystew says:

    This PAC is backing no candidate, although the person winning the democratic primary AND the independent candidates (if they get enough signatures on their petitions) will benefit from the PAC’s efforts. Their handout states: “We will run targeted direct radio and television advertisements against Tom Reed’s poitions and votes that negatively impact our residents.” That is a powerful statement– his positions and votes negatively impacts both democrats and republicans; they impacts the members of the other parties and those not in a party. I don’t know the party affiliation of their Directors, but this paper tells us they are against Rep. Reed. Their work need to be supported.

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  6. Arthur Ahrens says:

    I’ll wait.


  7. Steve Beikirch says:

    It seems some who have posted here are not serious about sending Reed back home. Until the primary I hope this pac will focus its money (contributions from us) on ads showing why Reed needs to go. Right now it’s not about which candidate we like – it’s about getting people motivated and encouraging those who sat out the last election – to VOTE. This is not the time for timidity. The gloves need to come off so to speak.


  8. pystew says:

    Steve, I agree. The job for democrats is to get as many people out to vote in the primary as possible, getting them involved early is the key. The way to do that is to get information about the all primary candidates out to as many voters as possible. After the primary, we need to focus on the primary non-voting democrats and all voters who have been negatively affected, regarless of they party, by Reed’s extreme positions and votes.

    This PAC will help getting out Reed’s actual record. It should be supported.


  9. Arthur Ahrens says:

    Of course, if you would like to meet, let me know. I’ll give you a call. I still have your phone number from when I extended my last invitation.


  10. Bhane - Chemung County says:

    Tom Reed is a lap dog for the GOP. He has never, not once, acted in the interest of our district. I can not offer any money of any kind to the PAC as I am the sole income for a family of 7, but if there is a way I can donate my time I would gladly do so.


  11. Arthur Ahrens says:

    which you….timidly….declined.


  12. pystew says:

    Bhane, Thank you for your offer to donate time for this project. Please email your contact information to YatesDems@gmail.com.


  13. Arthur Ahrens says:

    Let’s deal with Beikrich’s second statement:
    ‘Until the primary I hope this pac will focus its money (contributions from us) on ads showing why Reed needs to go. ‘

    Who is this pac? I still lack an answer. Rich Stewart has offered character references. That’s not nearly good enough.
    What determines who is the best Congressional representative that our citizens deserve? What criteria is used for the evaluation? Who is doing the evaluation? Unanswered.
    What are the ‘…best interests of the peopleof the NY23rd’.? There’s a really slippery question! And leads naturally back to the composition of the PAC.

    One of the contributors to this blog believes that Reed votes as a tax and spend liberal. I sat with a woman last week who is a conservative and a Republican and wants Reed gone because she is aware that he is not a conservative. Democrats want him gone for a variety of reasons. Independents may or may not care one way or the other.

    So the first question—what demographic(s) will be targeted in ads? What is the message? Will an ad campaign dedicated to Reed’s shortcomings be productive? As exhibit A, I wish to remind everyone that a LOT of Republicans would vote for ANYONE before they vote for a Democrat. Reed certainly fits the definition of ANYONE. Further, as evidenced in the Town Halls, Reed is accomplished at turning any criticism to his advantage. There is EVERY chance that an ad campaign concentrating solely on why Reed must go will be counterproductive.

    Which leads us to point 2—currently there are 8 candidates running against Reed. I sincerely hope that there are differences between them. Ads produced might very easily hurt one or more of the candidates. For instance, a candidate might have no problem with gun ownership. Ads might focus on Reed’s stance on the second amendment. This would hurt the prospective Democratic pro gun challenger. Likewise taxes, women’s rights…

    Point three—prospective challengers may be indirectly subject to a Democratic ‘litmus test’ due to ads that are created and aired against Reed.

    Point four—There is a way to avoid the problems of points 1-3. Might I humbly suggest that an ad campaign concentrate on what Democratic challengers are FOR? I do not find that to be an unreasonable suggestion. Of course, there seems to be a lack of consensus among Democrats as to that definition at the present time.

    A newly formed group with little transparency wants to take my money to engage Reed with an ad campaign using radio and television advertisements on subjects that will be determined later by in-depth research obtained from unknown sources to promote a vague agenda: GET RID OF REED.

    There’s enough unknowns there to give pause. I have other uses for my money and time.

    I’ll have more tomorrow, Mr. Beikrich. Offer to meet still stands.


  14. pystew says:

    Arthur, Many of your comments deal with items that the Board of Directors have to deal with–(ie demographics. which of Reed’s shortcoming, etc). As their handout informed us, they are doing in-depth research on Reed’s record and how they affect our district. Their website and Facebook page gives you the opportunity to ask them directly. I applaud that they saw a problem and are trying to solve it.


  15. Arthur Ahrens says:


    You failed to address a single point I raised. Your reply reminds me of Reed, “I understand, but here is why you are wrong…..”
    And by George, each time I read your reply, it becomes more condescending! WOW!

    They (through you) are asking for my support.
    It is foolish for me (or anyone) to support an organization without a resume. Sadly, you and other people here are not only willing but can’t wait to rush to support an organization with only a single page sales sheet.

    As for their website:
    Their home page is a one paragraphs summary.
    Their media page is empty.
    Their contact page allows me to contact them with questions.
    Their Contribute page is populated. Of course.
    And their research page has information about Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Chemung, Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben and Tompkins Counties. *****NO YATES****

    My life’s experience has been that when one is trying to sell me something, they do not require me to do the research. They anticipate what is needed to close the sale. And provide it.

    This org has not done its legwork or prep. When they have, I will reconsider.


  16. pystew says:

    Arthur Ahrens,

    You may have notice that three of your recent comments have been removed. In case you have not read, or have forgotten, the “How To Comment” information on the top menu, I have copied it for you and others to read.

    Rules for commenting intelligently here and elsewhere:

    Stick to the subject.
    Try to state your point clearly and succinctly.
    Your opinion may be interesting, someone else’s opinion less so.
    Don’t bother to echo propaganda–no one cares.
    If you quote something, cite the source.
    Be polite, avoid insult and innuendo.
    As Tom Reed claims toothlessly for his facebook page, “Content that is explicit, racial, or vulgar in any form … will be removed.
    Constructive, relevant comments are welcome.

    I believe your three comments have threathen a reader/commenter, and this time by name. That with your history of a harrassing phone call (which you admit in another comment) to that reader/commenter makes me very concern about your continuing to comment on this page. Readers/commenters need to feel safe to express their opinions without being singled out and harassed.

    This program is set up to automatically allow comments by a person who has had their commetnapproved once. I am placing you on a list of commenters who have to have every comment approved. “Constructive, relevant comments are welcomed”. I will consider removing this ban in January, 2018.

    Rich Stewart


  17. Arthur Ahrens says:

    Thank you Rich,

    You have relieved me of something which was becoming onerous.

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  18. Susan Meara says:

    I am personally thrilled that these people who live and work here in our district have stepped forward to create this PAC. We cannot get rid of Tom Reed if we continue to fight without the tools and resources of modern campaigns vs Reed’s war chest from his large donors and PACS. It’s like having both hands tied behind our backs. PLEASE give Your NY 23rd PAC the funding they need to run a successful anti-Reed campaign.

    As a PAC, they cannot coordinate with any candidate’s campaign, so another group of us (spanning all 11 counties) will soon be launching a second FEC-approved prong of the anti-Reed strategy, to raise campaign funds for the eventual winner of the June Democratic primary who will be Reed’s challenger. Nobody needs to break the bank in order to help. We can do it with small contributions if they come from a LOT of people. But start telling everyone you know that we live in a world where it takes money to win elections. They don’t have to be from the so-called “donor class” of people who regularly max out to their candidates of choice. Let’s create our own “donor class” with a campaign funded by regular people so we can elect a candidate who actually works for us.

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  19. Pete Keenan says:

    I’ve been in in the emails of the group since it began. This process began 9 months ago. The group is still in the process of data gathering and reporting on counties, Yates is not complete yet, thus no Yates. The leg work that the group has done has been tremendous. The group is also full of people who have stepped up and put I the effort to get Reed out of office since day one. I personal know three out of the 4 people on the board. All of them have been extremely active in their communities dojng grassroots organization.
    My suggestions Arthur would be to send them an email and ask your questions. Its not really constructive to pick something apart when you have the opportunity to ask them directly.

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  20. pystew says:

    Thanks, Pete. BTW, the email that I have for the group is…your23rd@gmail.com. To be fair to Arthur, I did not have the email in the original article.


  21. Pete Keenan says:

    I just got an email Yates County is finished


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