Political Theater

This bill (H.R.1) will simplify our tax code, help working families, and jumpstart job creation –Rep. Tom Reed

Hard at work or bored to tears, one wonders.

reed tax 1 2012.jpg


reed tax 2 2017.jpg


reed tax 3

Here’s another from 2017

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8 Responses to Political Theater

  1. Arthur Ahrens says:

    2018 Election campaign ideas

    What has Reed accomplished?
    Reed votes against middle class (obamacare, taxes)
    Reed steals from middle class (taxes, obamacare, corporate donors)
    Reed does not listen to his constituents (royal “we” at town halls, ‘agree to disagree’)
    Reed is close to Trump. Who has accomplished nothing.
    Reed is close to Trump. Who divides us.


  2. whungerford says:

    All good ideas, I think. But Reed’s assets include a Republican district and his good old boy image. One thing that might hurt is being recognized as a lying politician.


  3. Arthur Ahrens says:

    Tie him to Trump’s swamp. Shouldn’t be too hard. And watch him twist in the wind.


  4. whungerford says:

    Maybe, but many thought tying Reed to Trump would work in 2016. Reed is resourceful, his polling will guide his campaign, If he sees Trump’s popularity in NY-23 slipping, he will change his tack. As RMN observed, a good lie is often more effective than the truth.


  5. Arthur Ahrens says:

    You put your finger on it. Trump’s popularity IS slipping.

    Trump is looking more and more like a loser. Which his supporters will not tolerate. They admire and NEED winning!

    2017 / 2018 will be different than 2016.

    Take a look at the Virginia race. Trumpism was beaten. Trump is not as strong in red counties as he was.

    And if the tax cuts fail? The tax cuts (whatever form is pondered) are going to run into something else besides heavy lobbying. The House is going to pass something. But the Senate…not so much. Especially with the need to successfully complete negotiations dealing with a potential government shutdown. Remember, the orange headed deal maker agreed to only a 3 month extension of negotiations. Much to the consternation of the R leadership. Who were blind sided. Bless Chuck!


  6. Arthur Ahrens says:

    Trump voters, like Trump will not admit to a mistake.
    In that, they are probably like Reed voters.



  7. whungerford says:

    Voters needn’t admit a mistake, but only to see a better alternative. I do wonder if a Republican candidate will emerge to challenge Trump. Trump has already destroyed the credibility of many potential challengers. Would “lying Ted,” or “little Marco” even bother to try again? In Reed’s case, there is no viable challenger visible as conservatives seem to prefer Reed to taking a chance on one they might like better.


  8. Arthur Ahrens says:

    Republicans didn’t have much of a coherent message in 2010 or 2014 other than “Repeal Obamacare.” That got them the House and then the Senate majority. And helped reelect Reed.

    In Tuesday’s elections around the country, in diverse races up and down the ticket, the unifying theme was “Had enough?” or, even more blunt, “Vote against Trump.” And it worked beautifully.

    Republican reaction? I guess that they are tired of winning…..Republicans in Congress are announcing their retirement plans in droves.

    The message AGAINST Trump / Reed practically writes itself. Trump is incompetent, destructive, anti-democratic — and Reed is enabling him every step of the way. The easy part about that argument is that Reed and the Republicans prove it true day in and day out — and they even say so.

    The message FOR Democrats also is easy: Coopt Trump’s 2016 message….
    Run on the promises that Trump broke — an infrastructure bill, an assault on government corruption and a full commitment (with funding) to fight the opioid abuse epidemic.
    If Democrats make this clear, keep alive righteous anger in defense of democracy and keep making it about Trump, they should do quite well in 2018 and 2020.


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