Did Tom Reed write this?

cover reed ryanI believe a compromise position regarding the state and local tax deduction is achievable. In fact, I have discussed including a credit for state and local taxes which will ensure a tax cut for the hardworking local property taxpayers of New York State. I care about cutting taxes for the middle class. Sen. Schumer and Gov. Cuomo have spent years championing how the wealthy one percent need to pay their fair share; our proposal does just that. As a result, Schumer and Cuomo will be proven to be the biggest hypocrites in New York political history, as they are the ones actually protecting the one percent at the expense of the rest of us.–Attributed to Tom Reed on facebook

Did Tom Reed write this himself? There are some points that cast doubt:

  1. The paragraph was posted without a link to an image or article–unusual.
  2. The paragraph uses the first person rather than the usual royal we.
  3. It is unusual for Tom to discuss social class even indirectly.
  4. I don’t see the usual mistakes of diction and punctuation.

What do readers think; is the above Tom’s work?

For reference, here is another stand-alone facebook post attributed to Tom Reed which he might or might not have written himself:

President Obama’s 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran was inherently flawed, dangerous and put American lives at risk. As a result, we have paid Iran tens of billions of dollars in virtually untraceable cash and gold, while Tehran continued to build its nuclear program. Finally, we have a president who is willing to take action against bad foreign actors who abuse human rights and threaten our national security and that of our allies.



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2 Responses to Did Tom Reed write this?

  1. Anne says:

    I think the tax one was intended for his campaign page, as it has all the hallmarks of one of those posts, the inflammatory rhetoric, the ad hominem attacks, the predictable talking points. Probably some intern is trying out an outré prose style à la Bannon et al, and simply posted it to the wrong account. We’ll see if it disappears there (only to reappear on the campaign page because vampire-like, none of these terrible ideas ever seems to completely die).

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  2. Carol says:

    That post on Reed’s Facebook page has received 180 comments in just four hours. It seems folks are a little annoyed with him.


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