Reed on Iran

iran.jpgPresident Obama’s 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran was inherently flawed, dangerous and put American lives at risk. As a result, we have paid Iran tens of billions of dollars in virtually untraceable cash and gold, while Tehran continued to build its nuclear program. Finally, we have a president who is willing to take action against bad foreign actors who abuse human rights and threaten our national security and that of our allies.–Tom Reed (facebook, Oct. 13)

Tom Reed facebook post generated much outrage, yet Tom has consistently opposed agreement with Iran. Rather than simply reflecting support for President Trump, Reed’s statement likely reflects his own long-held view.

Whether Tom’s views are factually correct matters little; this is the age of “alternate facts”–some, even many, may be persuaded to believe. What Tom hasn’t made clear is what policy, other than dogged hostility, he favors.



    … his opposition to the deal the President reached with Iran to ease economic sanctions, saying taking the pressure off Iran brings the country closer to becoming a nuclear power. “I share the …

  2. Reed Opposes Iran Deal

    … Tom Reed reiterated his opposition to President Obama’s Iran Nuclear Agreement calling it dangerous for American national security. … of this proposal by opposing its adoption. “A nuclear Iran is unacceptable to the American people and the world. The Federal …

  3. Reed: Iran Deal Poses Threat to U.S.

    … the following statement on the potential nuclear deal with Iran: “Obama’s Iran deal is politically motivated as the President is seeking a deal for the …

  4. Reed Announces Town Hall Meetings; Solicits Feedback on Iran Nuclear Deal

    … Lakes regions the opportunity to share their opinions on the Iran nuclear agreement, which was recently announced by President Obama. … of all Americans,” said Reed. “That is why I oppose the Iran nuclear deal, which severely threatens our short and long-term national …

  5. Reed Rejects Iran Nuclear Agreement; Demands Senate Record Vote

    … Tom Reed rejected the President’s Nuclear Agreement with Iran, along with the House of Representatives with a formal vote on the deal. … period. “American citizens always must be first. Iran has…raised no confusion as to what its intention is here,” Reed said …

  6. Reed Calls for Stand Against Iran; Urges Senator Gillibrand to Reconsider Stance

    … his opposition to the President’s Nuclear Agreement with Iran and called on Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to reconsider her support of the … agreement simply stating, “[t]his unfair agreement puts Iran closer to developing a nuclear weapon,  gives them the technology to …

  7. Statement from Congressman Reed on the Russia, Iran, and North Korea Sanctions Act

    … such aggressions. Additional sanctions against North Korea, Iran and Russia will help discourage such behavior.” 115th …

  8. Reed Defends Victims of Iranian Terror

    … prevent the President from lifting economic sanctions on Iran until they pay court ordered settlements to the families of Iranian terror … families, and this legislation is just one more step to stop Iran from sponsoring terrorism and finally bring some relief to families who …

  9. Reed Keeps Americans Safe

    … we stand firm against the tyranny of dangerous nations like Iran and make sure tax dollars aren’t going to fund the activities that they … in the President’s Iranian Nuclear Agreement by preventing Iran from purchasing commercial aircraft from American companies. This …


    … House Resolution 556, which would condemn the Government of Iran for its continued persecution, imprisonment, and sentencing to death of … release and the release of all who are held in Iran only because of their religious beliefs.” Reed further noted that he …

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8 Responses to Reed on Iran

  1. cathkestler says:

    The money paid to Iran was actually Iran’s own money that was taken from them…tell the truth Tom, I know that’s hard for you to do.


  2. whungerford says:

    Statements like “we have paid Iran tens of billions of dollars in virtually untraceable cash and gold” may serve Tom’s political fortunes better than the truth. Raucus meetings and facebook comments calling Tom names feed his political advertising, allow him to appear on TV, and harden the views of his supporters.


  3. Joseph Urban says:

    Mr Reed and Mr Trump both suffer from the same delusion. That is, the USA is the only nation in the world. Together will the delusion that USA can simply impose its will on other nations. We can try to impose sanctions on Iran, which will only force them to closer ties with China and Russia. And even our allies in Europe will not go along with sanctions. So, that is empty rhetoric aimed at the hard core supporters of Mr trump and Mr Reed.
    The USA can pull out of the Iran deal, but that only opens the way for Iran to seek an increase in the development of nuclear weapons. Again, they will receive plenty of help from China, Russia and North Korea on that score. Breaking the agreement actually plays into the hands of the radicals in Iran who say that the USA cannot be trusted.
    It also lessens the chance of any deal with N Korea. After all, who can trust the USA to keep its word after this?
    Mr Trump and Mr Reed are playing to their base at the expense of a safer world. Sad. very sad.

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  4. Carol says:

    At today’s town hall meeting in Candor when a person challenged his statement that Iran violated the agreement (because Iran WAS reported to be in compliance with the agreement), Reed implied that there were secret confidential agreements that Iran has broken. Did he conveniently make that up so he could continue to oppose Iran? We left wondering what his policy recommendations actually were. The bottom line is that he supports the president no matter what, and even though an obviously mentally unbalanced man has the nuclear code he seems unconcerned.

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  5. whungerford says:

    Thanks, Carol, for that report. The argument that a secret agreement justifies public policy seems weak to me.


  6. cathkestler says:

    Then why would ALL the other countries including those in our military say that IRAN is in compliance but Trump and Reed?
    I believe he was caught off guard and lied, if there were secret agreements then he just opened Pandora’s box. Trump must either have something on Reed (which I don’t believe he’s that smart) or Reed is blindly giving alliance with the hopes of a favor promised.


  7. Carol says:

    Yes! Cath, I bet Reed made that story up on the spot. And I think it is blind allegiance and hope for a job.


  8. whungerford says:

    There are numerous articles on the internet alleging secret agreements. Some claim they favor Iran; others claim Iran has violated them. I don’t know if there is truth in any of them, but it matters little–if the public agreement is good, we should support it; allegations of secret side agreements are beside the point.


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