Links to NY23rd Congressional Candidates Social Media Sites

The following is a collection of links to the social media sites of  the candidates who have announced that they are running to represent the NY 23rd in 2019-2020.  Included are links to their website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and their Ithaca Times Article and Interview Video. Not all candidates have all of the sources listed. If that changes I will update the page.

Instead of listing Candidates’ email addresses, I assume the ones listed on the campaign websites are the proper ones to use. I listed the candidates’ occupations as reported on  Also, you may want to view the Federal Election Commissions data,  which includes their fund raising information. Ballotpedia is another site that has information about our race.

If more than one democrat files nominating petitions with 1,250 valid democratic signatures there will be a democratic primary in June 2018. (You need to be a registered democrat by Friday, October 13 to be able to vote in the June Democratic Primary.) The Indpenendent Candidates will not need to have a primary but will need to file petitions with 3,500 valid signatures of registered voters who did not sign another petition for this race.

Linda Andrei (Dem):

James Clasby (Ind):

  • Tompkins County
  • Self-Employed & Navy Veteran
  • Facebook

Max Della Pia (Dem):

Rick Gallant (Dem):

Ian Golden (Dem):

John Hertzler (Ind):

Tracy Mitrano (Dem):

Tom Reed (Rep):

Eddie Sundquist (Dem):

Charles Whalen (Dem):


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Retired Teacher, political science geek, village trustee. I lean a little left, but like a good political discussion. My blog, the New NY 23rd (http://newny23rd) is about discussing the issues facing the people of our new congressional district. Let's hear all sides of the issues, not just what the candidates want us to hear.
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3 Responses to Links to NY23rd Congressional Candidates Social Media Sites

  1. josephurban says:

    Thanks for the great links!


  2. whungerford says:

    The facebook link for Karl Warrington is wrong; try this:


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