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Glucose testing

Ask your doctor if ???? is right for you.–heard all too often on TV Congresswoman Susan W. Brooks R-Indiana) writes: Remember the Protecting Access to Diabetes Supplies Act that Congresswoman Diana DeGette, Rep. Tom Reed, and I introduced on Monday? Yesterday … Continue reading

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2018 Primary Voters: Be Aware of Friday the 13th (of October)

This article is a recap and update of an earlier NY23rd article, “Make sure you can vote in the June 2018 Primary Elections“, posted in June. The information should be past along to others.   We can assume that there … Continue reading

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Income Tax: cut rates or deductions?

On the personal side, we have protected the three big deductions — charitable, mortgage and retirement saving. We want to raise the standard deduction caps and get rid of many of the other personal deductions. —Gary Cohn Income Tax: cut … Continue reading

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Is Tom Reed compassionate?

I feel compassion for DREAMers who face uncertain futures due to choices not their own. We in Congress should take this opportunity to reform our legal immigration system, not only to find a permanent solution to the plight of these … Continue reading

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