Don’t be a Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown Football

Tonight’s Reed Headlines:

Collins, Reed push for bill to help “Dreamers”

Buffalo News

“It’s recognizing that the children that have come here that have good moral character, that have not demonstrated any kind of national security threat or engaged in any kind of criminal activity, that they be given an opportunity to stay here with a permanent legal status,” Reed said of the legislation. “To me that’s a first step in the conversation and a very reasonable step, and that’s why we supported it.”

Problem Solvers join with governors Kasich, Hickenlooper for bipartisan healthcare solutions

Finger Lakes Times

WASHINGTON — A bipartisan effort to shore up critical issues connected to the Affordable Care Act has the support of Congressman Tom Reed, R-23 of Corning, and other members of the Problem Solvers Caucus.

House GOP Rips Mnunchin on Sales Pitch for Debt Limit Deal


“I think any speaker is going to have a very hard time in this environment”, said Rep. Tom Reed, R-N.Y.

DACA? Fixing the ACA Train Wreck? Voting for the 3-month Debt Limit? I don’t trust him. Don’t be like Charlie Brown.


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Retired Teacher, political science geek, village trustee. I lean a little left, but like a good political discussion. My blog, the New NY 23rd (http://newny23rd) is about discussing the issues facing the people of our new congressional district. Let's hear all sides of the issues, not just what the candidates want us to hear.
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4 Responses to Don’t be a Charlie Brown

  1. cathkestler says:

    Charlie Brown was having dinner at the WH last night then stammered his way through an interview on The 11th Hour blowing sunshine up Brian Williams arse regarding him being from Elmira/Corning. #LastTermReed reiterated how he stands behind Trump and that he was the FIRST Congressman to throw his full support behind 45 (I think Collins would argue that fact). Reed also got it in there that he was the Co-Chair of the Problem Solvers Caucus touting bipartisan work will solve all that befalls us.
    I still don’t trust him, he looked like he was “making it up” as he spoke.

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  2. josephurban says:

    Reed is suddenly bipartisan. Yet he voted over and over again to take away health care from 40 million Americans. With no viable alternative plan. He proposed a bill that decimated the SS Disability fund by ending the transfer of money from the SS general to the SS Disability fund. With no viable alternative for folks with disabilities.
    Of course, he takes photo ops with folks with disabilities. And folks on SS. And children (although he supports a budget that erodes education funding). And small businessmen. (Although he supports a tax structure that favors corporations over mom and pop businesses.)
    Best of all. He supported Donald Trump for POTUS. Reed made the “judgement” that of all the GOP candidates…Kasich, Bush, Rubio, Cruz, Christie, etc . that Trump was the best prepared and had the best moral , ethical and political values to lead the USA. Think about that one.
    When I was in Mexico I saw chameleons with more integrity.

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  3. cathkestler says:

    Reed is the typical flip-flop politician.


  4. whungerford says:

    There have been a dearth of photo ops in NY-23 recently; Tom may be having trouble keeping up with President Trump’s flip-flops. His response to the short-term agreement to raise the debt ceiling: “brilliant.” The old Tom would have thought differently. Will Tom continue to campaign against Nancy Pelosi now that President Trump sees House Democrats as key to getting something done?


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