Dear Tom

 envelope.jpgImitation is the sincerest form of flattery–Colton

Dear Tom,

I haven’t written recently. Writing to you has sometimes seemed fruitless. You reply with a form letter if at all. Still, it is good to hear something from you.

I am delighted that you now claim to be a bipartisan problem solver. Surely that is preferable to the partisan stalwart that we have known till now. I see you are at odds with Speaker Ryan on several issues; I hope that causes you no difficulty.

Bipartisan would surely be an improvement, but do you mean it? One might wonder.

You say you meet with others, listen to their views, and seek common ground. You have also said you listen to your constituents, hear what they say, but never change your mind. Will that be your approach to problem solving?

One problem of the day is health care. I sense that you are frustrated by the apparent failure of ultra-partisan attempts to overthrow Obamacare. Bipartisanship requires not only listening but also compromise. Are you ready to change your mind in a search for common ground? Are you ready to admit that Obamacare does effectively address many important aspects of healthcare, that it is important to the well-being of your constituents? Have you changed your strategy or merely your tactics?

Compromise must entail more than splitting the baby in two. To find an answer to the healthcare dilemma is surely hard. If an answer is found, it should be a good one. I hope you will work toward that end.






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8 Responses to Dear Tom

  1. Barbara Griffin says:

    Excellent letter, sir.


  2. Arthur Ahrens says:

    The Republicans control the Presidency, the Senate and the House of Representatives.
    Yet they have accomplished nothing!
    All they can do is whine about it….Not only Trump, but ALL of them.
    It’s the MEDIA’S FAULT!!!!

    Wouldn’t it be great if someone posed a question about this to Tom Reed at one of his upcoming town halls?


  3. whungerford says:

    One might ask, but would Tom give an honest answer? He isn’t easily embarrassed.

    The idea that the media is at fault for whatever ails us, repeated tirelessly, has grown legs. More and more people think there must be something to it.


  4. whungerford says:

    “For CBS News’ Scott Pelley to describe the brutal shooting of Congressman Scalise as “self- inflicted” was beyond the pale and further proved that the Mainstream Media has completely lost any moral compass to guide its journalistic endeavors.” –Tom Reed


  5. Arthur Ahrens says:

    It’s what Trump supporters cannot abide. And whining is a BIG sign of weakness.
    Trump’s support among his base is slipping.
    It is good for the Dems if Trump voters don’t turn out in 2018.
    Reed’s answer is immaterial.
    We should concentrate on emotions.
    Of course, there will be no Democratic response to the whiners.


  6. Arthur Ahrens says:

    The Republican playbook is clear.

    Where is the Democratic Response?

    I’d imagine that everyone on this blog is sick to death of me asking that question. I know that I am.

    But no Democratic response to Reed statements amounts to complicity in his reelection campaign.

    When Reed is reelected, remember!


  7. Arthur Ahrens says:

    FL Times – August 24, 2017

    “President Trump was wise to articulate a clear policy on South Asia, including a shift in strategy for winning the war in Afghanistan,” said Congressman Tom Reed, R-23 of Corning, whose district includes the eastern half of Ontario County, as well as all of Yates and Seneca counties.

    Art’s unofficial Reed Vs. Democrats Publicity Tally For NY-23 since 11/9/2016
    Includes Town Halls, Television Appearances, Editorials, Press Conferences, Newspaper Articles, Missed Opportunities
    Tom Reed 29
    Democrats 8
    Democrat Missed Opportunities 5


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