Unfortunate facts

Tom Reed

Tom listened to the thoughts and concerns of hundreds of local residents at his town hall meetings on February 18.–Tom Reed

Today is a great victory for the American people. We are finally on the path to fixing our broke and broken health care system. The AHCA upholds protections for pre-existing conditions and the expansion of Medicaid, which help our most vulnerable populations.  –Rep. Tom Reed

Unfortunate facts:

  • It is very difficult to defeat an entrenched incumbent.
  • Many NY-23 voters will vote for the Republican candidate no matter what.
  • Lies and alternative facts may serve Tom better than truth.
  • It is no surprise that Tom voted for AHCA; he has been a bitter enemy of Obamacare all along.
  • Hundreds of disappointed and angry constituents have commented on Tom Reed’s facebook page, but tens of thousands of votes are needed to defeat him.
  • If Tom should run in 2018 and not be reelected, there is always the family business–medical bill collection.
  • Defeating ACA to protect his business was likely Tom’s goal from the beginning.

Tom may be ready to retire from Congress now; if he went back to bill collecting, he would no longer need to spend time in the Capitol every other week or so.



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2 Responses to Unfortunate facts

  1. Amber says:

    He is such a bottom feeder. Do you have a Twitter account? Would love to follow & spread the word. We definitely have to get a good democrat candidate who can win over NY23 in 2018.


  2. whungerford says:

    We don’t, but you can follow us at @WilliamHungerfo


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