Continuing resolution

can-you-believe-itToday, Problem Solvers Caucus Co-Chairs Republican Tom Reed (NY-23) and Democrat Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5) announced a first win for the Caucus after it used its influence to get the FY17 funding bill passed. The bipartisan Caucus previously indicated that it would lead the effort to avoid a government shutdown by supporting such a funding bill if it contained no ideological riders.–Tom Reed

At one time Republicans insisted on the “Hastert Rule.” Nothing would be voted on that needed votes of Democrats to pass. In the case of the May, 2017 “Continuing Resolution,” the Hastert Rule was abandoned. The bill to fund the government thru September passed with with 131 Republican votes and 178 Democratic votes; 103 Republicans voted against it. Did the Problem Solvers Caucus play a role? I think not. The critical decision was made by GOP House leaders who wanted to avoid a government shutdown at any cost.

 “I applaud my colleagues in the Caucus from both sides of the aisle, for all their hard work to get this done for the American people,” said Congressman Tom Reed (NY-23). “Their courage to put ‘people over party’ is a great example of what can be accomplished together and what true democracy looks like.”

If putting people over party is important, why the rush to undo the protections of ACA? How does that put people over party? Where is the Problem Solvers Caucus today when the GOP is intent on repealing important protections of ACA?



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3 Responses to Continuing resolution

  1. Rynstone says:

    This is another example of Congressional members from both sides increasing government spending. The Federal Gov’t, like NY State does not have a tax revenue problem, they have a spending problem.
    Our Federal Government has become over reaching and over spending worse than the former Soviet Union.


  2. Barbara Griffin says:

    “People over party”, huh? Reed just voted to leave over 20 million people without health insurance. The AHCA is a devastating joke. If this passes the Senate (doubtful, but who knows?) a lot of people are going to die needlessly.


  3. Daryl Denning says:

    Mr. Reed puts a good spin on everything – gives me a feeling of vertigo ….


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