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NY 23rd Democratic Candidate: Blue-Dog or Activist?

This article was written by  Michael Fitzgerald and published in his “WRITE ON” weekly Finger Lakes Times column. You can email him at and visit his website at Incumbent GOP Congressman Tom Reed’s last two re-elections were relative … Continue reading

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MAD–Mutually assured destruction

It would take an hour-and-a-half to learn everything there is to learn about missiles.–Donald Trump Forty years ago, more or less, I attended a lecture in Detroit by physicist Hans Bethe on nuclear disarmament. Bethe favored disarmament, but maintained that … Continue reading

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Politics is hard

Trump on Being President: “I Thought It Would Be Easier”–New York Times “The man’s tongue is fit to frighten the French.”-―Robert Louis Stevenson   Politics is hard and hard to understand; here are some things to consider: Election to office … Continue reading

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Harvesting Our Political Energy

The following was created by the PRO Allegany group and was presented  at a meeting of NY-23rd Resistance Groups Leaders, some Democratic County Chairs, and five potential 2018 Democratic Congressional Candidates in Hornell of Sunday, April 23.   It is … Continue reading

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NY 23rd Congressional Democratic Candidates?

I have heard questions and read rumors about who might be running against Rep. Tom Reed in the November 2018 election. Even though it is a bit more than 18 months away, we currently have FIVE potential democratic challengers to … Continue reading

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Science is not for Denial, it’s here to Embrace

The article was written by Cath Kestler, activist and resident of Silver Creek, NY   The Science March held on Earth Day provided us with an actual picture of the participating masses filled with an untiring enthusiasm in unity for … Continue reading

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Taxes, Part 2

The goal is for tax reform is to be revenue-neutral–Tom Reed Economic growth will pay for a majority of President Trump’s tax reform plan, …..–Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin If tax reform is to be revenue-neutral, and business taxes are cut, … Continue reading

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Ought we all register as Republicans?

I’m going to register as a Republican and tell all my friends to do so too. For people living in the 23rd district who read my blog, I recommend that we all register as Republicans. Why not register as Democrats … Continue reading

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Is Rep. Reed Tiptoeing Away From Trump?

Friday night (April 21) our Congressman, Rep. Tom Reed was on the MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes” program. Hayes asked Rep. Reed questions about Funding the Wall, Shutting Down the Government, and Trump’s newest edition of the Bill to … Continue reading

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Tax Reform Soon? GOP needs to repeal ACA first.

April 18, 2017  “Our tax reform and our tax plan is coming along very well. It will out very soon. We are working on Health Care. We are getting that done, too,” reported President Trump at the Snap-On Tools factory … Continue reading

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