Trump opens Pandora’s box

pandora I care about your opinions and will continue to work to find common ground so that we can solve the problems of our country together.–Tom Reed

Trump opens Pandora’s box and as Tom Reed looks on smiling,  furies fly about: racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and cruel indifference to common human needs.

  • Trump’s Muslim ban has loosed the fury of religious intolerance: desecration of cemeteries, and attacks on religious institutions are, as Trump says, intolerable, but his loose talk is responsible.
  • Trump’s immigration orders repeat the mistakes of his travel ban. Images of people being arrested don’t reflect American norms of compassion and fair play. Hasty, cruel, radical it will likely be challenged in the courts. How much better if House leadership had allowed a vote on the Senate immigration reform bill.
  • Trump’s talk threatens our free press. As John McCain warned, attacks on the press often presage dictatorship.
  • The Trump Administration imperils Social Security and affordable health care. His claim that Obamacare is a disaster and can be easily replaced with a better plan is folly
  • The Trump Administration threatens public education by appointing Betsy DeVos, whose antipathy is well known.
  • Trump’s misogynist views devalue and endanger women.
  • Trump’s ideas on world trade threaten a worldwide trade war benefiting none.
  • Trump’s ignorance of economics threatens worldwide recession according to Paul Krugman.
  • Trump’s militarism coupled with well documented indifference to the consequences of his action threaten disastrous wars.

What “common ground” can Tom Reed hope to find while he clings to abhorrent ideas such as the above?


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4 Responses to Trump opens Pandora’s box

  1. catkestler says:

    Reed will say anything at his Town Halls to shutdown his constituency and go back to DC to carry on ‘business as usual’ for the best interests of his big donors.


  2. whungerford says:

    Cath, do you see any indication that NY-23 Republicans are souring on Reed and Trump?


  3. Judith Lutz Woods says:

    He was met with huge resistance here in Chautauqua County….. yes I do think some republicans are having second thoughts…the more they find out…..btw he had no answer to my question re Russian interference and an investigation which clearly needs to be conducted…


  4. Deb Meeker says:

    On the immigrant ban: “Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.): “We are confident these orders will be carefully and fairly implemented, with strong oversight by Congress.” That seems to be Reed’s beard in discussions of most all topics. Just trust us, because we care, and you’re all paid liberal Extremists. The common ground Reed is offering is the quicksand of the Trump (Gannon) agenda.
    It’s all noise to Trump voters, until most of the damaging edicts Trump has ( and will further) released smacks low and middle income earners up side the head with reality; losing their insurance, shorting them on Medicare, giving their kids the shaft on good schools, and perhaps even giving “preppers” good use of their underground shelters.
    ‘What “common ground” can Tom Reed hope to find while he clings to abhorrent ideas such as the above?’ Less and less as time goes by.


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