Must we live with President Trump for four years?


Must we live with President Trump for at least four years? Most likely we must. Brian Dickerson discusses this at length in the Detroit Free Press article cited.


Here are some unlikely possibilities:

  • Impeachment
  • Twenty-fifth Amendment
  • Resignation

Impeachment is unlikely unless a majority of Republicans lost confidence in the President after evidence of very serious wrong-doing emerged. I don’t think that mere collusion with foreign intelligence agents meets that standard. Impeachment is a serious matter which should not be discussed lightly or attempted prematurely. Remember how infuriating talk of impeaching Hillary Clinton was prior to her defeat in the election?

The Twenty-fifth Amendment would apply only if  Trump’s health would fail or his Cabinet and Congress were convinced he was unfit to serve, an unlikely possibility.

Trump might resign if the job became tiresome as indeed it might. He also might resign if the courts ordered him to divest, which he might not be willing to do. Resignation would make VP Pence President; Trump could convincingly claim that he had chosen Pence with that in mind.

Four years is a long time. Anything might happen.

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5 Responses to Must we live with President Trump for four years?

  1. catkestler says:

    Really Gary!?!
    President Clinton told only one lie regarding his personal life that did not affect his presidential duties and the Republicans started the impeachment process.
    Just how many LIES and poor judgement calls, collusions must We the People endure before the Republicans pull their heads out of their arses before they actually do their jobs!?!


  2. catkestler says:

    Breitbart!?! What a flucking joke.


  3. Rynstone says:

    Catkestler, No need to use foul language when discussing politics You can find the same story on many news news stories other than Brietbart. Foul language and then your opinion only of the source is a long way from a discussion or a conversation,,


  4. Rynstone says:

    I did not have sexual relations with that woman ! Under oath and over and over again. What are the specific lies that President Trump has said while in office?


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