Should there be exceptions to public laws?

Internet-Spy2 We are changing Washington, both within our party and in Congress, and working the Trump administration to get things done,” Reed concluded. “It’s about using our influence to change Washington to make lives better for all Americans.–Tom Reed

Should there be exceptions to public laws? If the laws are good, shouldn’t they apply to all? Consider these cases:

Jarod Kushner–should Kushner be able to flaunt the intent if not the letter of nepotism laws?

General Mattis–If it is good that military officers not move directly from military service to Secretary of Defense, why should General Mattis be an exception?

Donald Trump–Even if conflict of interest laws can’t be enforced against a President, why should DT flaunt them? Should such laws apply to everyone else but not him?

Civil Service–Civil Service protections replace the “spoils system.” If civil service protection for federal employees is important, why did Congress revive the 1876 Holman rule allowing arbitrary dismissal of Federal workers?


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  1. Barb Crumb says:

    We pride ourselves on being a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”. I think that makes it abundantly clear that all citizens of this country abide by its laws. Without this guarantee of a democratic republic, our government would become autocratic, with a privileged group making the laws and decisions under which all the rest of us would have to live.

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