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Minimum Wage Increase and Non-Profits

New York State’s Minimum Wage is set to increase as of December 31. For the NY 23rd and other upstate communities, that means it will go from $9/hr to $9.70/hr (or for a 40 hour work week from $18,750 to … Continue reading

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Stand Up for Medicare

This “op-ed” was written by Ann Sullivan, an Ithaca resident. It was originally published in the Ithaca Journal and the Elmira Star-Gazette.   Elections have consequences. Voters in the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes chose President-elect Donald Trump and returned Rep. … Continue reading

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Reed, in his own words, at Barrington

The following article was first sent to the NewNY23rd as a comment to “Rep. Reed’s Town Hall Hand-Outs Previewed“. It was written by Steve Beikirch of Plattsburgh (Steuben), who attended the Barrington (Yates) Town Hall Meeting. It was reprinted as a … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed’s Town Hall Hand-Outs Previewed

Rep. Tom Reed handed out four papers to those who attended his December 10 Town Hall Meetings. At the Barrington Town Hall Meeting he quickly went over the Congressional Priorities, spoke about the “Simple, Fair Tax Filing Postcard” and made quick … Continue reading

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Medicare dominated Town Hall Meeting

An overflow crowd of more than 30 filled the small Board Room at Rep. Tom Reed’s Town Hall Meting in Barrington (Yates) Saturday. Most were non-republicans. For many this was their first Town Hall experience. Medicare dominated the discussion. The uncertainty … Continue reading

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Rep. Capuano on this weeks work in the Capitol.

Rep. Capuano (D-MA) writes: Insurance Industry Regulation On Wednesday (Dec 7, 2016) the House considered H.R. 5143, the Transparent Insurance Standards Act of 2016. This legislation, like last week’s Systemic Risk Designation Improvement Act of 2016 is yet another attempt … Continue reading

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Can he be serious?

When we try to curb the surges of unchanging human nature or to quench a conflagration with an act of legislature, ….–A. Guiterman Tom Reed writes: Tom Reed continued his fight for college students and working families by unveiling a … Continue reading

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Trump’s Tax Plan: Single Parents w/Dependents will lose major benefit!

The Head of Household tax filing status lowers the tax rate of unmarried individuals with dependents. The dependents could be their under-age children, adult children with disabilities, or elder parents. Twenty-two million Americans used the Head of Household status in 2014. According to the IRS, … Continue reading

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