Reed puts the cart before the horse

veterans-dayTom Reed writes:

Tom Reed continued to raise the alarm on Iranian aggression and took a stand against the rogue state by supporting two pieces of legislation that would continue sanctions, protecting the American people. “We care about keeping Americans safe. It’s only right that we stand firm against the tyranny of dangerous nations like Iran and make sure tax dollars aren’t going to fund the activities that they would use to harm American citizens,” said Reed.

The House passed two proposals to protect Americans from Iranian aggression. The first, the Iranian Sanctions Extension Act, extends existing sanctions against the nation through 2026. The sanctions were set to expire at the end of the year.

Additionally, the House passed a larger proposal which blocks a controversial provision in the President’s Iranian Nuclear Agreement by preventing Iran from purchasing commercial aircraft from American companies. This legislation also prevents American financial institutions from financing Iranian purchases of commercial aircraft from companies outside the United States. 

The efforts come in recognition of Iran’s contributions to the conflict in Syria. Iranian aircraft have been used to support Syrian President Assad’s regime through the transport of troops and weapons into the conflict.

Both pieces of legislation move on to the Senate for further consideration.

What can Reed be thinking?

  • Iranian aggression? Where?
  • Rogue state?
  • Unilaterally extend sanctions for ten years? What good can come from that?
  • Block sale of commercial aircraft by American companies? Bad for Boeing, good for Airbus. What happened to “make it here, sell it there?”

Iran is a potential ally against ISIS. If Iran is seen as supporting the Assad regime in Syria, so is Russia. Why single out Iran?

Tom Reed has challenged the Obama Administration to articulate a coherent foreign policy. Now it is his party’s responsibility. The GOP should explain their policy before advancing legislation. Hopefully the Senate will be more cautious.



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4 Responses to Reed puts the cart before the horse

  1. Bob McGill says:

    Still typing away I see Willy , what I want to know is, when are you going to break down and see a SHRINK 🙂


  2. whungerford says:

    I am glad to see you are alive and still a fan, Bob. What do you think about politics today? Happy now?


  3. Deb Meeker says:

    When one asks ” What can Reed be thinking”, I have to laugh. Tom Reed hasn’t ‘thought’ anything for the last 6 years. Tom follows the edicts of his leaders, and uses canned statements to escape any blame. Unfortunately it stands to reason that the new regime coming to Washington, wants to undo all the intelligent plans and agreements laid out by Obama – Reed will stand proudly with them, with ” as I have always said” on his lips.
    Poking Iran with rhetoric, suggesting all countries which promote terror have nuclear arms (why not?), but leaving Russia as our new great buddy? Reed has not a clue – a blind follower in a dark time.


  4. whungerford says:

    These actions may have been holdovers, intended to embarrass Hillary Clinton should she have been elected, or perhaps to put Donald Trump on notice that his idea of replacing military confrontation with deals between like-minded men of business is opposed by hard-liners in Congress.


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