Parsing Tom Reed’s opinion

anarchist“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

I continue to support Donald Trump as an outsider who will shake up D.C.–Tom Reed

What he says What he may mean
This job is about people. A good representative listens. Making sure your voice is heard in Washington is a great honor. The GOP hasn’t enacted significant needed legislation at any time since I was first elected.
The best way to represent our communities is to hear directly from you. That’s why I’ve held more than 200 town hall meetings throughout all 11 counties of the district. We are always accessible to hear your concerns or answer your questions. I don’t want to hear from proponents of Common Core, gun control, Obamacare and the Iran nuclear agreement. I don’t want to see their views on my facebook page.
We also are taking care of problems you have with the federal government. We’ve closed more than 10,000 individual cases to date. One of our largest casework areas is veterans. In fact, we have one team member entirely dedicated to addressing their needs — we are fighting for those who never stop fighting for us.  I have no legislative record I care to defend.
Job creation is a priority for our communities and families. Being a former small-business owner, I know the struggles of meeting a budget and payroll. Harmful regulations make it even more difficult. I’ve fought to cut that red tape, and we are working to stop over-regulation because it is killing job creation. We are protecting our workers and and farmers by opposing President Barack Obama’s proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership. I support free trade agreements unless President Obama favors them, otherwise not. Which regulations I consider harmful, I won’t say.
We are standing up for our kids. Common Core has been disastrous. I believe in local control and parents having a voice in their child’s education. That’s why I worked to cut its federal funding. We stood up to the Department of Education so that they can’t steal school funding when parents opt their kids out of testing. We are also addressing college costs and have proposed making colleges more accountable and transparent to reduce cost and debt. My contribution to lowering college costs was to raise student loan interest rates. Republicans once touted testing, but when it proved unpopular I choose to forget that.
Protecting our families and communities always comes first. That means ensuring our safety at home and and abroad. That’s why I strongly support our military, and why I opposed the Iran nuclear deal and demanded a plan to stop ISIS.  I love to demand that others take action.
I am dedicated to government by the Constitution and to preserving our rights. I will always stand up for all of our Constitutional rights, including our Second Amendment. The gun lobby is an important supporter.
While I’m focused on our families here at home, Washington insiders like Hillary Clinton and my opponent are focused on Washington. They want to continue President Obama’s dangerous policies, like Common Core, gun control, Obamacare and the Iran nuclear agreement. I fought hard to stop these unfair policies — but the fight is just beginning. I prefer to have my picture taken with constituents to actually working in the Capitol.
No matter what, we will always stand up for you. That means ending business as usual in Washington. I will continue to look out for number one.
That is also why I will be voting for Donald Trump. A Hillary Clinton presidency is unacceptable. Clinton is looking for a liberal Supreme Court to enact her agenda. She demonstrated extreme recklessness regarding classified information and risking American lives simply for her own personal convenience. We have to change the DC establishment — so I continue to support Donald Trump as an outsider who will shake up D.C. I have no use for my constituents who are Democrats. I care nothing about Donald except that he claims to be a Republican. We haven’t had enough gridlock and divisiveness in Washington yet.
New York will always come first in my book. I’m proud to be an outsider in Washington, because I’m putting our families, not Washington, first. I am honored to be your voice in Washington and humbly ask for your continued support.  I want to keep my cushy job which requires something less than full time work for very good pay.

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3 Responses to Parsing Tom Reed’s opinion

  1. Deb Meeker says:

    A very good set of translations. Here are a few more:

    * I care about women and their issues –
    That’s why I voted to control their reproductive rights, defund Planned Parenthood and keep women in their place.

    * I care about families fighting diabetes and breast cancer ( see above) –
    I will continually fight to prevent children and adults from diabetes healthcare by repealing the ACA.

    *I listen to my constituents and encourage their input –
    I censor my Social Media pages, and never respond to their questions. At my many town halls I tell the people what I want them to hear. I brush off their opinions if I disagree.

    * We must not saddle our children and grandchildren with the US debt.-
    I had no problem spending billions of taxpayer’s money on shutting down the government (twice), millions more for fake investigations against my perceived enemies, and a bloated military.


  2. whungerford says:

    “Watch what we do, not what we say.” RMN


  3. Watch the debate between incumbent Tom Reed (R) and his opponent, John Plumb, who are running for the New York 23rd Congressional District.

    Then read these stories that I wrote about John Plumb and Tom Reed:

    Tom Reed vs. John Plumb: Who has the better plan for fighting ISIS?

    Tom Reed, Sheldon Adelson, John Plumb, and Citizens United


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