Do regulations kill jobs?

red-tapeThe costs of compliance with all these regulations lead(s) to higher consumer prices and reduced hiring.–Tom Reed

Do regulations prevent employers from hiring workers? Trump says so, Ryan says so, and Tom Reed says so, but none of them present any evidence. If it were true, one might expect the economy to have boomed after GWB rescinded regulations as fast as he could at the end of his term; instead the economy collapsed.

If Republicans really know of specific regulations that should be rescinded, one would think they would point them out. Or else, they could propose specific legislation. Instead they propose catch-all bills like the doomed REINS act.

Tom Reed may not believe his own story. He backed regulations limiting airline pilot hours at about the same time that he undermined regulations limiting grape haulers’ hours behind the wheel.


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2 Responses to Do regulations kill jobs?

  1. Maureen Harding says:

    Good write up on this issue Bill. If we don’t get The who, what, where and when; there is no reason to trust Reed. His record shows that he is not committed to working people and their protection, nor is he committed to protect his constituents from environmental impacts of industry (e.g., clean air and water). His view is the “either, or” and fails to look for solutions where everyone wins.

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  2. Deb Meeker says:

    At a Newfield , NY town hall of Reed’s, a landowner complained about flood drainage dumping debris on his property. The owner was told he would have to clean it up at his expense. In further discussion, Tom Reed was all about jumping on the EPA regulations not helping homeowners, but when I suggested lack of railroad regulations in preventing the damage by grading and placement, ( which was part of what the landowner mentioned) Reed scowled at me and raised his hand, as if to say ” no, no, not regulation on the railroads!” The landowner quickly agreed with me, but Reed shut that down by saying “he’d look into it”.
    Tom Reed says he doesn’t think government should pick winners and losers.
    Maybe Tom needs a pig farm to move close to his property?

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