November 8 General Election Sample Ballots & Down Ballot Candidates

Many people like to see their ballot before they vote. Each township, or Village, or City in ballot-box-2each County could have a unique ballot. Or their could be one ballot for the whole county.

As of today, the following counties in the NY 23rd have their sample ballots posted on their website. Clicking your county will take you to your county’s web page which lists the different ballots they have in their county.

 Cattaraugus,  ChautauquaChemungSeneca,



The following counties had not yet added their sample ballot to their website. If you follow their links, you will be taken to their site to see if they have been updated.


Down ballot races:

Ballots across New York State should have the exact same first (President/Vice President), second (U.S. Senator columns) and fourth columns (U.S. Congressman). The third column is reserved or judicial candidates. The fifth column is for NYS Senator. The sixth column is reserved for the NYS Assembly races.

Charles Schumer is being opposed by Wendy Long for to be our United State Senator. John Plumb is opposing Tom Reed. They will be on every NY 23rd ballot.

Please note that there are five different races in the NY23rd for State Senator. The 58th District (Yates, Steuben, Schuyler, Chemung and part of Tompkins counties) sees Leslie Danks Burke vs  incumbent Tom O’Mara. The 57 District (Allegany,  Cattaragus and Chautauqua) has Lee Hyson vs incumbent Cathy Young. The 54th (Seneca Counties and part of Ontario County) has 3 candidates (Kennan Baldridge, Pamela Helming, and Floyd Rayburn) vying to become the State Senator. The 51st District (part of Tompkins County) has Jermaine Bagwell-Graham is running against James Seward. In the 52nd (Tioga County) Sharon Ball is running against Fred Akshar. The 51st District, which part of the Town of Naples in Ontario County has only one State Senator, incumbent Rich Funke, running.

Also, there are three contested Assembly races in the NY 23rd. The 124th District (Tioga County and parts of Chemung) sees Bill Batrowny challenging incumbent Christopher Friend. In the 133rd District (part of Steuben County) has Barbara Baer against Joe Errigo. The 150, (Chautauqua County) has Jason Perdue challenging incumbent Andrew Goodall.

In 2012, a presidential year election, 279,786 NY 23rd voters voted in the Reed-Shinagawa congressional race. (Ballotpedia, 2016). In 2014, an 195,874 NY 23rd voters voted in the Reed-Robertson congressional race. (Ballotpedia, 2014)

This is a unique election in many ways. For the NY 23rd, the high number of  down ballot races should bring out more voters than other years. We’ll see on November 8.






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