Tom Reed seeks to keep us safe by promoting prejudice


 Reed calls for Justice for Victims of Terrorism


In the wake of weekend terrorist bombings in New York and New Jersey, Tom Reed renewed his calls for an end to political correctness when combating terrorism on U.S. soil. “We care about keeping Americans safe and will not bow to politically correct culture.

Reed says we shouldn’t hesitate to blame entire groups of Americans for the acts of a few; really, Tom? Do you intend to promote predudice?

Reed then criticized the responses of New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio, President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for failing to immediately recognize the attacks as bombings and the ties to terrorism. 

Evidently we should jump to conclusions, really Tom? Do you remember Timothy McVeigh?

“Our leaders and our national security agencies must put the victims of terror at the front and center of their thinking. It’s a fundamental question of fairness. Why are victims of terrorist attacks given less rights and legal protections than the terrorists themselves?

When were terrorists given more rights than those killed or injured? Please tell us, Tom.

Homeland security should never be a partisan or political issue,” Reed concluded. 

Oh, but it is, and Tom Reed never misses a chance to seek political advantage.

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4 Responses to Tom Reed seeks to keep us safe by promoting prejudice

  1. Anne says:

    My initial reaction when I first read Reed’s statement about this is that he’d been sniffing out a new source of income, since I imagine the revenue stream from the medical debt collection business is drying up these days. Litigator Tom! He must have had big plans from those big jackpots sued out of the Saudi coffers.


  2. Deb Meeker says:

    Truth – it must hurt Rep. Reed if comes close to his mouth. Reed supposedly was never for overloading courts with lawsuits – what’s happened to Tom Reed? He’s been Trumped.
    This new twisting of the term “Political Correctness” is quite amazing.The racists and biased that used to hide from being shamed for their abuse ” the other” with words and dog whistles, now have the blessings and encouragement of the Trump/Reed candidacies. Their slogan is “Come on out, we agree with your Nationalistic and Racist codes!”. The beginning of the fall of Germany was filled with just such approvals to forget political correctness; Reed and Trump bring the spectre of division, not protection.


  3. Tom Reed seems to have a two part plan for fighting ISIS–Keep Iraqi and Syrian refugees out of the country and getting tough on ISIS, whatever that means. John Plumb has a five-part plan for fighting ISIS.

    Click to access Combating-ISIS-and-Defeating-Radical-Islamic-Extremism.pdf

    Comparing Reed’s plan to Plumb’s plan is like comparing a first grader’s understanding of the universe to that of Neil deGrasse Tyson. At least that’s what I thought after reading Plumb’s plan.

    But I wanted another opinion, so I contacted an expert’s expert on the matter and asked him what he thought of John’s plan. Malcolm Nance wrote the book “Defeating ISIS: Who They Are, How They Fight, What They Believe”. He also frequently discusses ISIS on TV. His bio is impressive and you can read about him here:

    You can also watch his commentary here:

    This was Nance’s evaluation of John Plumb’s plan. He sent it to me in an email on September 17.

    “It’s a very sound strategy. We are doing quite a bit of it but overall, it’s excellent. I also see he was on the NSC. [National Security Council] That may explain why he has a fight smarter, not harder strategy.”

    After reading Nance’s evaluation, I am more confident than ever that we need John Plumb in Congress to better ensure our nation’s security.

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  4. John Humphries says:

    One would think that as a lawyer he would know better than to make this kind of assertion. Not much difference between “political correctness” and lacky obeisance.


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