Plumb’s Plan to Combat ISIS and Defeating Radical Islamic Extremism

John Plumb, candidate for Congress, had a 22 year career in the serving our country in the Navy, an official at the Department of Defense and a staff member on the National Security Council. He recently released his five point plan to defeat ISIS and stopping the growth of  Radical Islamic Extremism.


He starts by stating:

“We must be both smart and strategic in our approach to defeating ISIS, while pushing back against the avenues to radicalization that have allowed ISIS to grow.”

Plumb’s plan, which you can read in full at, includes the following topics (Most of the descriptions below are directly from Plumb’s document):

1. Protect the Homeland: Reinvigorate our Joint Terrorism Task Force to effectively integrate information on threats and interrupt planned attacks on the homeland

2. A New AUMF (Authorization for the Use of Military Force) for our Current Enemy: The AUMF was created after 9/11 to legally hunt down and kill those those involved with that event. Plumb feels there should be a new AUMF since our needs are different than 15 years ago.

3. Intelligence Sharing and Joint Operational Planning to Create a True Coalition: Enhance support for intelligent sharing and joint planning.

4. Cutting Off ISIS Sources of Money: Expand operations and financial activities aimed at undermining ISIS sources of power — specifically their oil, arms, and financial backers.

5. Confront ISIS in their Cyber War: Expand and enhance existing authorities and funding that allow the U.S. to engage in offensive and defensive cyber operations to undermine and eliminate ISIS efforts to radicalize and recruit online.

Plumb explains these five points in more details in his plan.

It takes money to enhance and expand programs. Will the GOP leaders support these, or any ideas to improve our ability to combat ISIS and Defeat Radical Islamic Extremism?

I hope so. Maybe we should ask Rep. Reed.

For a printable or sharable pdf copy of the following John Plumb’s Combating ISIS sign follow this link: Plumb ISIS.


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1 Response to Plumb’s Plan to Combat ISIS and Defeating Radical Islamic Extremism

  1. whungerford says:

    Plumb’s plan seems heavy on military measures with little emphasis on the radicalizing effect of war, poverty, and joblessness in the Middle East.


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