A clear choice.

Trump is a disruptive forceThe people’s voice will be restored. –Tom Reed

The medium is the message — Marshall McLuhan

Tom writes that for him Trump is a clear choice. That’s surprising, since even Tom admits having reservations. Tom chose to publish his reasons in a well known political blog rather than closer to home; he could have published here at newny23rd.com. Let’s take a look at his reasons:

  1. This presidential election is a choice between a successful businessman or a Washington insider who has been involved in government for her entire life.
  2.  Donald Trump was chosen to be the Republican nominee by a majority of Republican voters
  3. Trump … understands that, for too long, the average American hasn’t had a voice and feels left behind.
  4. From the many conversations I’ve had with small business owners, retirees, and rank-and-file union members, I can tell you that without a doubt, they want Donald Trump to shake up the Washington establishment.
  5. Trump is a disruptive force that will change the status quo in order to create real, lasting and positive change in Washington.
  6. Trump will join us in putting the American people first instead of Washington elites.
  7. Hillary Clinton, however, will continue President Obama’s policies which have unfairly divided our nation. We have an unstable national security position, a jobless recovery, and a healthcare system that is too expensive to manage.
  8. Clinton’s economic agenda also continues Obama’s harmful actions: high taxation, heavy regulations, and more of Washington deciding who wins and who loses.
  9. Clinton has clearly closed herself off to the American people. She is focused solely on pleasing her donors and the Washington elitist establishment.
  10. Accessibility is important to me and it is clearly important to Donald Trump who is listening to people as he travels to red states and blue states alike.
  11. Donald Trump is taking what he is hearing and working to create what people from Maine to California and Florida to Alaska are all asking for—jobs.
  12. His economic vision will create substantive change for our nation. These changes will restore American manufacturing and create opportunity for all Americans.
  13. With Trump in the White House, we will see an acceleration of this type of job-creating legislation. We will create jobs for our kids, our grandkids, and future generations.
  14. The people’s voice will be restored.

Are these believable? Are these valid reasons for Tom Reed to consider Trump a clear choice? What is the message in Tom’s decision to publish this on “The Hill” rather than in local papers?



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3 Responses to A clear choice.

  1. I don’t get it. Who is Reed’s intended audience? Clearly it isn’t his constituents most of whom will never see it. Is it a “trial balloon?” Is it his duty as Trump’s co-chair? Is it a favor to Carl Paladino?

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  2. Deb Meeker says:

    I don’t understand either. As the New York State number one Co-chair for Trump, Tom Reed has done nothing in our district to promote Trump. There have been fewer town halls it would seem too. That raises even more questions.


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