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Guns against government?

Do people have a right to resist officers with arms? Of course not, so it is surprising to see frequent claims to the contrary. If there ever was a question, it was settled by the Whiskey Rebellion of 1791 when … Continue reading

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A look at Rep. Reed’s Proposed Bills

Members of congress exists in two different cultures–the Washington DC political culture, often described as ‘Inside the Beltway’ and their congressional district culture. A successful representatives satisfies the needs of both. When in DC our congressman, Tom Reed, bounces between following … Continue reading

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How to pocket campaign funds

The pension fund was just sitting there.–Gary Trudeau Rent office space from yourself. Both Tom Reed and Donald Trump do this. Hold campaign events at properties you own as Donald has done. Hire a ghostwriter to write a book, then … Continue reading

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Trump, Polls, & the NY 23rd House Race

How will Donald Trump affect the NYS Down Ballot elections? Will the moderate republican voters support their controversial candidate, or will they “hold their nose” and vote democratic? or will they go Libertarian and vote for Gary Johnson? or Independent … Continue reading

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A clear choice.

The people’s voice will be restored. –Tom Reed The medium is the message — Marshall McLuhan Tom writes that for him Trump is a clear choice. That’s surprising, since even Tom admits having reservations. Tom chose to publish his reasons in … Continue reading

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Who is Donald, what is he?

Who is Silvia? what is she, That all our swains commend her? Holy, fair, and wise is she; The heaven such grace did lend her, That she might admirèd be.    — William Shakespeare     Reportedly, responsible Republicans, even Tom … Continue reading

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Weight Around our Student’s Necks

From John Plumb on College Loans/College Debt: “Soon, students will be heading back to school across our district. Some will be heading on to college and embark on the beginning of their professional lives. As I have traveled the district … Continue reading

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Reed’s Alstom/Amtrak Votes fits a pattern

“Transportation and infrastructure improvements help build a foundation for long-term business growth and more jobs. I cannot wait to get to work on rebuilding our economy so taxpayers can see a return on their infrastructure investments.” Rep. Tom Reed, January, … Continue reading

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Are these “campaign related?”

Are these “campaign related?” Tom Reed must think so; they were deleted from his facebook page. Where are his tax returns? Your group called me yesterday, I just got the message. I just thought you should know I think President … Continue reading

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Introducing Bill Batrowny, Candidate for 124th Assembly Seat

The following is a Press Release from the Bill Batrowny Campaign. Bill is running for the NY Assembly against incumbent Chris Friend in the 124th Assembly District (Chemung, Tioga and western part of Broome Counties).   Bill Batrowny, candidate for … Continue reading

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