Gary Johnson, Libertarian

Gary JohnsonGary, Johnson, a former Governor of New Mexico, is running for President as a Libertarian. Johnson claims to be a social liberal and fiscal conservative. Johnson hopes to win enough votes to prevent any other candidate from winning a majority. If that did happen, Johnson hopes the House of Representatives would choose him. What does Johnson support? This information is found on Johnson’s web site.


Wasteful Spending

By the time Barack Obama leaves office, the national debt will be $20 TRILLION. That is not just obscene, it is unsustainable — and arguably the single greatest threat to our national security.

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Today’s federal tax code does all the wrong things. It penalizes productivity, savings and investment, while rewarding inefficiency and designating winners and losers according to political whim.

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Term Limits

Americans are increasingly frustrated, even angry, that — regardless of which political party is in control — nothing really changes in Washington, DC.

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During the 2012 campaign, Gary Johnson was lauded for having the best “job creation” record of all the former governors running for President.

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Personal Freedom

When you ask Americans today what the greatest threat to their individual liberties is, far too often the response is: “The government”. That is simply unacceptable in a nation that was literally founded on the notion of liberty.

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Foreign Policy and National Defense

The objective of both our foreign policy and our military should be straightforward: To protect us from harm and to allow the exercise of our freedoms.

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Having served as Governor of a border state, Gary Johnson understands immigration. He understands that a robust flow of labor, regulated not by politics, but by the marketplace, is essential.

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Criminal Justice Reform

How is it that the United States, the land of the free, has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world?

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Internet Freedom and Security

Gary Johnson has often said, “There is nothing wrong with the Internet that I want the government to fix.”

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The environment is a precious gift and needs to be protected.

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Governor Gary Johnson was one of the first governors in the nation to propose and advocate a universally available program of school choice.

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Gary Johnson has the utmost respect for the deeply-held convictions of those on both sides of the abortion issue. It is an intensely personal question, and one that government is ill-equipped to answer.

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War on Drugs

The Johnson/Weld team supports the legalization of marijuana and believes each state should have the right to legalize and regulate it, as is the case with alcohol.

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Some of Johnson’s libertarian views seem silly–some individuals and organizations might benefit from a small, weak Federal Government, but there is no reason to believe the general public would. Would you vote for Johnson? Check this out:

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THE LIBERTARIANS’ SECRET WEAPON–The third-party candidacy of Gary Johnson might make the most unpredictable election in modern times even weirder. By



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4 Responses to Gary Johnson, Libertarian

  1. josephurban says:

    These ideas have been around for awhile. I tend to agree with some of his rhetoric regarding a woman’s right to choose, legalization of drugs and criminal justice reform.
    But the idea that there should be no taxes on business and the elimination of the federal role in education does not make sense. He is also quite contradictory. On one hand he wants national laws to protect certain rights, bu then he wants a weak national government. So, when a state decides to impose segregated schools, for example, who is there to stop them? And how do you pay for the infrastructure necessary for individuals and business to thrive? Roads, bridges, etc cost money.
    He ignores the key reason why Americans are feeling some pain. The lack of a decent wage for workers. He seems more concerned with profits and investors but says nothing about real issues for workers..wages, health care, child care,
    Finally, he espouses the failed “trickle down economics” policies that lead to the last recession. More tax breaks for the wealthy on the now discredited hypothesis that the wealthy create jobs. they don’t. If they did, we would be living in a Trickle Down NIrvana. We aren’t. And Kansas would be a heaven on earth for workers. It is not.
    Old wine in new skins.

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  2. whungerford says:

    I agree. I particularly object to the laissez-faire premise–the idea, certainly false, that if just left alone everything would go swell for all. However, those who can’t support either major candidate might recognize Johnson as a responsible and experienced politician.


  3. Deb Meeker says:

    Mr. Johnson lost me at:
    “By the time Barack Obama leaves office, the national debt will be $20 TRILLION. That is not just obscene, it is unsustainable — and arguably the single greatest threat to our national security.”
    Scientists, NASA, and the Pentagon all have advised that climate change is a great threat to National Security. It’s my opinion, that oligarchy o plutocracy is right up there as well.


  4. whungerford says:

    Johnson went on:
    It doesn’t have to be that way, despite what the politicians say. But the idea that we can somehow balance the federal budget without cutting military spending and reforming entitlements is fantasy. What is required is leadership and political courage. As Governor of a state with an overwhelmingly Democrat legislature, Gary Johnson stood up to excess spending, vetoed 750 bills and literally thousands of budget line items…and balanced the state’s budget.

    Governor Johnson has pledged that his first major act as President will be to submit to Congress a truly balanced budget. No gimmicks, no imaginary cuts in the distant future. Real reductions to bring spending into line with revenues, without tax increases. No line in the budget will be immune from scrutiny and reduction. And he pledges to veto any legislation that will result in deficit spending, forcing Congress to override his veto in order to spend money we don’t have.

    This is Republican orthodoxy; it is unlikely that Johnson believes what he writes. Businessmen and Governors tend to ignore the fact that the Federal budget is unlike a personal budget, a business budget, and a State budget. They also assume falsely that Federal spending, which creates demand for needed products and services, is a bad thing. They also ignore the recessionary impact of cutting government spending; do they really want to drive the economy back into recession? Finally, when they yell about government spending, they never explain what useful services might suffer as a result of indiscriminate cuts.

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