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Reed equals Trump copyJames Hare, writing in the Elmira Star-Gazette, asks interesting questions about Tom Reed’s support for Donald Trump.

  • Does he believe President Barack Obama is sympathetic to terrorists?
  • Does he believe we should ban all Muslims from entering the country?
  • Does he believe a person’s ancestry determines his ability to function as a judge or, for that matter, in any other position?
  • Does he believe we should not ban assault weapons and close gun show loopholes?
  • Does he believe his mentor should release his tax information for public scrutiny and stop the audit dodge?
  • Does he support building a wall across our border with Mexico? If so, how does he plan to pay for it?
  • Does he accept the Trump stereotyping of Mexican immigrants?
  • Does he believe there is no drought in California?


While James Hare’s questions are good, I would add some of my own:

  • Does Reed understand and respect the Constitution? Trump says he would do what is clearly unconstitutional–religious discrimination is an example.
  • Does Reed believe in unconstrained executive power? As Trump says, “Leave it to me.”
  • Does Reed work toward justice for all, or would he discriminate against some Americans as Trump says he would?
  • Does Reed agree that the ability of the press to criticize candidates as Trump does? The Constitution guarantees a free press.
  • Does Reed believe that Republican politicians like himself should “shut up.”

Reed seems to seek political advantage by linking John Plumb with President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Does he not understand that Clinton and Obama are probably more respected in NY-23 than either Donald Trump or himself? There is nothing respectable about dirty tricks and fake websites; there is nothing honorable about promoting fear.





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6 Responses to Reed’s views

  1. josephurban says:

    What does Reed “believe”? Whatever ALEC tells him to believe.


  2. Bob McGill says:

    newspapers should stick to the news and keep their opinions to themselves


  3. Deb Meeker says:

    I have yet to hear or read of Tom Reed standing up against a Speaker, or the leaders in his party, until he chose Trump for President. Tom Reed has allowed himself to be used as a vote to be counted on regardless of his true opinions.
    So, if Tom Reed politically agrees with the majority of Trump’s stated policies since Trump has become a presidential candidate – or, if Tom Reed is just following Trump down the proverbial rabbit hole for a coattail ride regardless of his own beliefs – which makes Reed more worthy of consideration? Neither.


  4. Tom says:

    Are you serious? That is one of the silliest post I have ever seen. You do know what an “editorial piece” is, don’t you. Or were you just kidding, and I’m over-reacting???


  5. therealbosslady says:

    We all know Reed is an opportunist, this is just another example.

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  6. josephurban says:

    Nope. He wasn’t kidding. Nope. You are not overreacting.


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