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Background Checks, Terrorists & the Constitution

The unconventional reaction to the  conventional way Congress responded to the Orlando Massacre has placed the Second Amendment in the middle of this year’s Presidential, Senate, and House campaigns. Protesting the “Moment of Silence”, the 15 hour quasi-filabuster in the Senate … Continue reading

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Firearm regulation sit-in

Some claim the Democratic sit-in led by Rep. Lewis(D-GA) was a stunt. Here is another view from a participant, Rep. Michael Capuano (D-MA). Gun Control On Wednesday I participated in floor action by Democrats, calling for a vote on some … Continue reading

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Women in Politics

Until 1980, during any Presidential election for which reliable data exist and in which there had been a gender gap, the gap had run one way: more women than men voted for the Republican candidate. That changed when Reagan became … Continue reading

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Albany Keeps Ethics Loopholes Open

Leslie Danks Burke: “Albany corruption is why we don’t get our fair share” Despite an unending series of corruption scandals involving both parties, the State Senate is wrapping up the legislative session today without comprehensive action to close ethics loopholes. … Continue reading

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Obama’s Terrorist Record

Rep. Tom Reed, in his Campaign Facebook Page, has been criticizing his opponent John Plumb. In posts from May 12 to June 19,  Reed connects National Security Council member Plumb to President Obama and/or Hillary Clinton. As of June 19, his … Continue reading

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An Opportunity to Participate

In response to the U.S. House members  trying  to representative the majority of Americans who agree that Universal Background Checks and  keeping known terrorists from not owning assault weapons are common sense legislation please consider attending: A Rally at Rep. Tom Reed’s … Continue reading

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Reed’s views

James Hare, writing in the Elmira Star-Gazette, asks interesting questions about Tom Reed’s support for Donald Trump. Does he believe President Barack Obama is sympathetic to terrorists? Does he believe we should ban all Muslims from entering the country? … Continue reading

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