Donald Trump is a fishy Republican

wheeling and dealingDonald Trump has views that are foreign to many Republicans:

  • He would make deals. Deals require compromise which Republicans often deplore.
  • He would enact trade barriers to keep jobs at home. Republicans traditionally favor free trade. Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney made a fortune sending auto parts manufacturing jobs overseas.
  • He would raise the Federal minimum wage.
  • The GOP wishes to court women and minorities; Trump would drive them out.
  • He would abandon reliance on allies and on NATO which have been central to American and Republican defense policy.

Trump is certainly not an establishment Republican, but that isn’t the main objection to his nomination–he has no experience in government and no record to gauge his ability to serve effectively.


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2 Responses to Donald Trump is a fishy Republican

  1. Aretha says:

    Is’nt Trump looking presidential these days? I understand that he has turned to lobbyists and will no longer be self funding his campaign. He has immediately toned down his insults and is now ready to play fair. He is looking very politically correct. I guess that we are forgiving him of all the nasty things he has said in the past because it was all just a game to get to the winner’s circle. Well I for one cannot forgive or forget. My advice to Trump supporters is “be careful of what you wish for.”

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  2. Deb Meeker says:

    Who knows what party affiliation Donald Trump could be classified as? From his rhetoric, we can assume he believes he’ll be single handedly accomplishing all of the above and more, without assistance or blockage from the other two branches of government. Enemies of the US masterfully use Trump’s unvarnished words as propaganda, as US allies shudder with the possibility of a President Trump.


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