Tom’s week

Reed Cares for Local Veterans


Vets need valentines?





Reed Reduces Local Tax Burden


Reduced local taxes by announcing Federal school aid.




Reed Supports Korean War Veterans


By repairing a monument.





Reed Thanks First Responders


With a proclamation.





Reed Supports Local Farmers


Great photo–helps a lot.






Reed Holds Town Hall Meetings


A good time to explain the many, many important things he has done for us.

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7 Responses to Tom’s week

  1. ctb11365 says:

    sure would be nice to have a bit of advance notice of his district meetings

    Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2016 15:00:32 +0000 To:


  2. whungerford says:

    Tom often waits till the last minute to announce his meetings, presumably to keep attendance low and avoid organized demonstrations by his constituents.

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  3. fhb23 says:

    More than I’ve seen of Plumb. Need a primary / Green / independent choice before it’s too late!!


  4. whungerford says:

    Is it about photo ops, or does a Representative have other responsibilities?

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  5. Deb Meeker says:

    Over the last several months, Tom Reed has been shown either giving or getting awards, or taken photo ops with – US Chamber of Commerce, Boy Scouts, Cascadaga Jobs Corp., a chiropractic college, Sons of the American Legion, Ithaca College, and Albany University, the Southern Tier Food Bank, Red Tie Day, the Chautauqua Chamber of Commerce, receiving an award for how much he has helped fight diabetes, the Arnot Ogden Hospital, The Rochester Alzheimer Association, and at the annual Elmira AARP group.

    Just as with his photos in this article, Tom Reed rarely elaborates on what was discussed with those in the pictures, rarely explains why these specific groups were chosen to be highlighted with him front and center, and to my knowledge, never gives updates on what these meetings or Tom’s involvement, may have produced for the betterment of those involved. It’s usually some blurb about “so happy to meet with the….” and sometimes doesn’t even offer the names of those in the picture with him.

    Pictures are said to “better than one thousand words”. If so, Tom Reed speaks volumes about what he’s not working on, and those for whom he wishes to make believe he “cares”.

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  6. whungerford says:

    As Michael J. Fitzgerald noted:

    GOP Congressman Tom Reed is squaring off against Democrat John Plumb, a decorated U.S. Navy veteran from Chautauqua County. Plumb has solid credentials, including being director for defense policy and strategy at the White House National Security Council, a job he left to run for Congress.

    NY State Sen. Tom O’Mara is battling Leslie Danks-Burke, a Tompkins County attorney with solid political, legal and environmental credentials.

    These two races haven’t yet generated much ink or broadcast media time, but the names of the two incumbent Toms have been popping up all over their respective districts faster than springtime weeds.

    When Plumb and Danks-Burke launched their campaigns, the Toms starting ramping up town hall meetings, initiating a flurry of high-profile business visits and glomming onto any event likely to draw media attention.

    This kind of electioneering gives incumbents public relations and name recognition that challengers can only envy from the sidelines.


  7. Deb Meeker says:

    Yes, ramping up a new campaign takes many small, and/or several large donations.
    Will the majority of voters in our district fall for Reed’s failed promises and faked concerns yet a fourth time? Tom Reed has his incumbency – which bestows him with free district-wide franked mailings, covered travel expenses, write-offs for photo ops as “working”, and an impressive office in DC. Reed can also count on gas and oil interests, big real estate, the NRA and GOP PACs to be on his “side”.

    John Plumb and Leslie Danks-Burke merely have integrity, fresh perspectives, experience, the proven drive to actually work for our district’s and state’s best interests, and those willing to work and donate for their campaigns.


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